Jet Lag Gemini

Jet Lag Gemini


Fun, in your face rock with pop hooks and ripping guitar solos.


Often times, people just say to themselves, Gee wiz, I wish I had some more information on this band Im enjoying on my brand new 3000 gig iPod right now. Well folks, this page is just for you; an accurate, comprehensive, and detailed analysis of what it is to be Jet Lag Gemini.

- We all live in the tropical paradise of America known as New Jersey. Here, a pizza is a pie, there is a diner around every corner, and there are more bands than people and cars put together.

- Vlad and Matei are brothers from Romania. And Misha is an ambassador from mother Russia.

- Dan DiLiberto is the only member of the band born in the US.

- Vital information: Misha (Lead Vox/ Rhythm Guitar); Vlad (Lead Guitar/Vox); Matei, (Bass/Vox); Dan (Drums)

- We played our first show March 27th, 2003 and still have the entry bracelet, one day hoping to sell it on E-Bay for massive amounts of money.

- We have played shows that we booked/organized ourselves ever since, making a plethora of friends but also having bands argue with us over thirty dollars that they obviously deserved to get paid for bringing their girlfriends to the show.

- We were delighted to share the stage with celebrated acts on known indie labels such as: The Matches (Epitaph), Halifax (Drive-Thru), Socratic (Drive-Thru), Hellogoodbye (Drive-Thru), June (Victory), Punchline (Fueled by Ramen), Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer (Eyeball), Jenoah (Drive-Thru), A Day At The Fair (Rushmore), My American Heart (Warcon), Sleeping at Last (Interscope), and tons more..

- We tend to make jokes that only we think are funny on stage.

- After searching for a label that suits our style of music and doesnt mind our ogre-like looks, we signed to Doghouse Records, who is also home to amazing people that write amazing music such as The Honorary Title, Limbeck, Koufax and The Meg and Dia Band. Also let us not forget Say Anything, The Get Up Kids, The All-American Rejects, and tons more bands that all began their lives on Doghouse Records.

Now that you are no doubt a JLG connoisseur, we would love to meet you and hang out at a show."


"Business" EP out now on Doghouse Records

Set List

30 minute set:
Geared For Action
From Lip to Lip
Ready Set No
Happy Earth Day
They're Made out of Meat
untitled (new song for upcoming full length)
Dont Leave Me Hanging