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"Reeks of Potential"

Jet Lag Palm
Wednesday, July 23

You know that saying, "reeks of potential?" Well, the phrase is apt for Bellingham trio Jet Lag Palm. JLP knocked around for a few years before cementing their present line up, and are currently playing dues-worthy gigs like the one at the Central last week. These boys seem to have come up with a particularly intoxicating aroma that possesses a heavy, heavy top note of Replacements (so much so they claim Minneapolis is their town home and are seriously contemplating moving there. I have one almost-word for you boys...brrrrrr), an under note of Wilco, wispy hints of Whiskeytown on a bender, The Boss and Budweiser. Songwriter Jude Huff seems able to walk the precarious tightrope of ripping off his beer-soaked heroes without sounding like a redundant thief and I'm hoping these boys don't leave us before they spread their bar band Eau de Westerberg around a little. - Seattle Weekly


D.emo (2007)
No Poetry (2008)

Bands we've played with (in no particular order):

Ryan Purcell (Seattle)
Sean Knox and the Lonely Lovers (Seattle)
Lucky Suns (Seattle)
The Loyal Sinners (Bellingham)
The Low Arts (Portland)
No Go Know (Portland)
Deer Seeking Headlights (Bellingham)
Bold Bird (Tuscon)
Quadrillion (Seattle)
The Antiques (Los Angeles)
The Bad Love Sessions (Seattle)
The Wagon (San Diego)
Harvey Danger (Seattle)
Go Slowpoke (Bellingham)
Smoosh (Seattle)
Patience Please (Seattle)
Typical Ace (Bellingham)
Uncle Doodad (Seattle)
The Farewell (Seattle)
Woven (Los Angeles)
Silence Dogood (Bellingham)
Forced Elegence (Seattle)
Jenni Potts (Bellingham)
Devin Champlin (Bellingham)
Half Light (Seattle)
Slow Skate (Seattle)
Paper Brain (Portland)
Pet Sounds (NorCal)
Big Dirt (Seattle)
Half Light (Seattle)
Slow Skate (Seattle)
The Amatuer Pros (Bellingham)
Ergo Ego (Bellingham)
Kiss Goodye (Bellingham)
Pink Lincoln (Bellingham)
Sons of the Widow James (Bellingham)

Venues we've played:

The Central Saloon, Seattle, WA
The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA
The Red Room, Portland, OR
The Wild Buffalo House of Music, Bellingham, WA
The Blue Moon, Seattle, WA
Skylark Cafe, Seattle, WA
The Rogue Hero, Bellingham, WA
Futures, Seattle, WA
Diablo's, Eugene, OR
The Comet Tavern, Seattle, WA
The Whatcom All Ages Arts & Music (WhAAM!), Bellingham, WA
Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA
Boundary Bay Brewery, Bellingham, WA
Western Washington University's Viking Union, Bellingham, WA
The Green Frog Acoustic Tavern, Bellingham, WA
Chiribins, Bellingham, WA
Fuel in Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA
The Oak Harbor Tavern, Oak Harbor, WA
Oh! Ghallagers, Tacoma, WA
Flights Pub, Everett, WA



Jet Lag Palm came together in Bellingham, Washington in 2007. Jones and the Brothers Huff bonded instantly as friends and musicians, creating music that reflects their small-town roots and weaves together seemingly divergent musical backgrounds.

Listening to Jet Lag Palm reveals subtle influences such as Wilco, Clutch, Whiskey Town, Uncle Tupelu, The Police, and the Replacements (and of course, many more). Yet Jet Lag Palm have created their own style of rock music altogether. See them live and you'll understand.

Before convening as Jet Lag Palm, members of the band did time with other NW outfits (Silence Dogood, Zebra 3, The Revelators) and played venues as small as living rooms and as large as the Experience Music Project, and everything in between. As Jet Lag Palm, this trio have struck out to do the same, and more.