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The best kept secret in music


"NEW YORK TIMES: Eerie Crooners"

"I like bands that have a concept, a bit of drama. Queen is that sort
of band; they had complex songs wit a lot of parts to them. Jetliner
is that kind of band too. I have an advance copy of their album,
Space Station'. The title song is fantastic - you'd think you were
listening to Queen, with the piano and the harmonies. They also do
a great cover of Bowie's 'Life on Mars'." - THE NEW YORK TIMES by Steve Jones of THE SEX PISTOLS

Read more at: - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"JETLINER - Space Station"

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. You've heard that phrase before, haven't you? When critics compare a CD to a band with legendary status, it usually raises questions in my eyes. How many times have you read this, then bought the CD and were disappointed? How many times have bands been compared to The Beatles or Led Zeppelin? Well, when I say that the latest CD 'Space Station' from the band Jetliner sounds like old Queen, you better believe it.

Jetliner, are 5 remarkable musicians with excellent vocal skills. As a matter of fact, I'll go out on the limb and say, lead vocalist Adam Paskowitz has one of the best voices out there today. His operatic background has done wonders for his vocal range. Whether he's sitting down at his Baldwin Grand piano or he's moving around the stage like Freddie Mercury, he's all business. Show business that is! Add to this, the Brain May meets Michael Schenker guitar virtuosos of Jeff Kluesner and you're beginning to build a true Jetliner, one that is ready for take off. Another layer added, would be the singing rhythm section of bassist Michael Kujawa and drummer Rob Jones. If that wasn't enough, they crown The Duke, their organ player. He's probably played in every band with Adam, in one way or another.

All together they make quite the Jetliner, that's ready to dock at a space station, in the universe of rock music. Their second CD, 'Space Station', on Oak Tree Records, is quite the musical masterpiece. Their dramatically played out songs are epics, filled with the pomp and circumstance that made Queen more than just a Glam Band.

The CD opens with a short guitar solo called "Entity", that is an introduction to the power chords of "Lush". Not only do you think of QUEEN, with Adam's powerful vocal delivery, but the backing vocals are outstanding. For those of you unfamiliar with their fantastic cover of the song, "Life On Mars" from David Bowie's 'Hunky Dory' CD, Bowie's version was voted the best rock song of all time in the U.K. Jetliner's version not only does it justice, but takes it to a whole new level. If you heard Jetliner's first CD, you know it was piano based rock that was more Beatles, Wings and Elton John than Queen. The songs were lighter, with almost Beach Boys backing vocals. Their new song "Almost" combines that, with Queen. Quite stunning, if you ask me. If you like Queen's "Tie Your Mother Down", then the song "Reaction" is gonna wet your appetite. If you loved those early piano based songs, then look no further than new songs like, "Let Me Down", "Keepin' On" and "Movie (My Life)" for Adam's finely tuned ivory tappings and that powerful voice. All of these guys have strong voices, bringing to mind, Sweet, ELO and Jellyfish.

What about the songs? These are not your average 3 minute pop ditties. These are epic stories, orchestrated by top notch musicians. From the slow build up of "Lowrider" to the kick it up a notch rocker "Steamroller". It all comes to a crescendo, with the finale, the title track, "Space Station". It's a rock show that Wings would be proud of. Hell, we're proud of these guys for having a unique sound, when everything else sounds the same. This is a must have, for any rockers collection.

-The Rocker

"JETLINER: A Rock Band For The Masses"

Are you tired of resorting to greatest-hits albums from the 70’s to cure your desire for classic rock? Jetliner offers a modern alternative for the classic rock fan. Emerging from our very own Los Angeles music scene, this five-piece band with a 70’s flair, truly reminiscent of Queen, guarantees to captivate audiences and transcend generations. Jetliner appeals to music lovers who appreciate a classy and mature sound, led by melodic songwriting and intricate chord progressions, as opposed to the sloppy abrasive sounds predictably found on the Sunset Strip. Not only does Jetliner implement instruments normally unheard of for local acts, such as a baby grand piano, B3 organ and the occasional gong, but their flawless harmonies will undoubtedly lead you to recognize them as “Queen of the 21st century”.

Jetliner is a band that knows exactly who they are as a group, as well who they are as individual musicians. They resonate full potential on their records, as well as in their live performances. Having seen Jetliner live on several occasions, it is clearly evident that these five guys are so brilliant at their own craft, and each comfortably shares the stage with their musical equals. Fronted by Adam Paskowitz, whose vocal abilities exude confidence flawlessly channeling the familiar range of Freddie Mercury, Jetliner is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

Splash was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of their much anticipated and eagerly awaited second album “Space Station”, which is a follow-up to their self-titled debut album. The title-track “Space Station” justly captures the essence of Jetliner, implementing operatic styles of epic proportions with “Bohemian Rhapsody” qualities. The energy on this album is mind-blowing and explosive on a grand scale, and guarantees to be a landmark sophomore achievement. Encompassing the out-of-this-world theme of the album, Jetliner not only covered David Bowie’s “Life on Mars”, but also recorded it and released it as their first single off “Space Station”. When covering a classic song during a live performance is usually considered a novelty, Jetliner is likely to win over even the most die-hard Bowie fan with their recorded version, and dare we say it’s even better than the original?

Gaining credibility overseas, Jetliner recently embarked on a promotional tour to Germany and France. Currently receiving airplay all over Europe, as well as Los Angeles, Jetliner is quickly charming fans and critics worldwide. This exceptional band will rock your body and steal your heart, with their intense riffs, catchy lyrics and mystifying appeal. A freshness guaranteed to stand out among artists of their genre, this group of indispensable guys will rise to the top through their sound, which can only be described as “larger than life”. Incorporating smoke machines, strobe lights and drum solos into their live performances, Jetliner takes us back in time, and reminds us what a true rock and roll show is all about. Prepare to rock, because this crew will definitely kick your butt!

Check out Jetliner’s link on My Space

Jetliner is: Adam Paskowitz (Vocals, Piano), Jeff Kluesner (Guitar, Vocals), Michael Kujawa (Bass, Vocals), The Duke (Hammond B3 Organ, Vocals), Rob Jones (Drums, Vocals).

- L.A. Splash Magazine

"Spirit of Queen is in Jetliner"

by M. Solovey

"...Jetliner returns with their sophomore effort "Space Station" and fans of bands like Queen should take note. Actually, fans of any classic 70's rock should seek this album out."



You're My Prayer - single
Little Steps - single
These Days - single

Life On Mars? - single
Space Station - single


Feeling a bit camera shy


When people compare a band to Queen the listener is usually quite skeptical as to who in this current day could pull off such a daunting task. The answer is JETLINER. Armed with a 5-foot baby grand piano that they haul from gig to gig--as well as a melodic sense not usually associated with a rock band--they are the real deal and the buzz is spreading worldwide.

Catching up with JETLINER at their Los Angeles studio the guys had just finished the final mixes on their second independent album. "Now it's off to mastering!” says dynamic front man Adam Paskowitz, from the famed Paskowitz surfing clan. They toil over the final mixes while being interviewed by a local Los Angeles based music magazine. "On second thought," says the reviewer, "YOU GUYS SOUND A LOT LIKE EARLY QUEEN." Now that's something you don't hear every day. It's because JETLINER is a band that doesn't come around every day.

For lead singer, Adam, it's a no-brainer. "My mom was an opera singer and people had always told me, 'get back on the piano, no one in rock can do that but you'," he says with confidence. The truth is no one in today's modern rock can do what JETLINER does: a blend of new rock with classic 70's vocal harmonies and piano. "It sounds crazy for today, but it all fits," says Adam.

Let's look at the stats. Five guys all singing, one REAL - acoustic baby grand piano, screaming guitar solos and a full size gong. THIS YOU'VE GOTTA SEE. Emboldened by the respectable sales of their first independent self-titled record (over 10,000 copies) they embark on the new album, “SPACE STATION”, with way more steam - complete with a staggering version of David Bowie's, "Life on Mars?”.

Nothing about this band is going to let you down. You know exactly what you want out of a band like this and they deliver. Jeff, The Duke, Matt, Rob and Adam, make the pledge to be this band, you know the one. Music needs a band like this and people have been waiting for it. They are called JETLINER. Welcome to the show.

Jetliner is currently touring in support of their new album “SPACE STATION”.