"’d think you were listening to Queen" - THE NEW YORK TIMES Calendar Section


When people compare a band to Queen the listener is usually quite skeptical as to who in this current day could pull off such a daunting task. The answer is JETLINER. Armed with a 5-foot baby grand piano that they haul from gig to gig--as well as a melodic sense not usually associated with a rock band--they are the real deal and the buzz is spreading worldwide.

Catching up with JETLINER at their Los Angeles studio the guys had just finished the final mixes on their second independent album. "Now it's off to mastering!” says dynamic front man Adam Paskowitz, from the famed Paskowitz surfing clan. They toil over the final mixes while being interviewed by a local Los Angeles based music magazine. "On second thought," says the reviewer, "YOU GUYS SOUND A LOT LIKE EARLY QUEEN." Now that's something you don't hear every day. It's because JETLINER is a band that doesn't come around every day.

For lead singer, Adam, it's a no-brainer. "My mom was an opera singer and people had always told me, 'get back on the piano, no one in rock can do that but you'," he says with confidence. The truth is no one in today's modern rock can do what JETLINER does: a blend of new rock with classic 70's vocal harmonies and piano. "It sounds crazy for today, but it all fits," says Adam.

Let's look at the stats. Five guys all singing, one REAL - acoustic baby grand piano, screaming guitar solos and a full size gong. THIS YOU'VE GOTTA SEE. Emboldened by the respectable sales of their first independent self-titled record (over 10,000 copies) they embark on the new album, “SPACE STATION”, with way more steam - complete with a staggering version of David Bowie's, "Life on Mars?”.

Nothing about this band is going to let you down. You know exactly what you want out of a band like this and they deliver. Jeff, The Duke, Matt, Rob and Adam, make the pledge to be this band, you know the one. Music needs a band like this and people have been waiting for it. They are called JETLINER. Welcome to the show.

Jetliner is currently touring in support of their new album “SPACE STATION”.


You're My Prayer - single
Little Steps - single
These Days - single

Life On Mars? - single
Space Station - single