Jet Sam

Jet Sam


Jet Sam's all about the impossible yet possible combo between the Mars Volta, John Fruciante, Jeff Buckley and Yes. Jet Sam focuses on the high skilled and unique songwriting, before any distortion pedal was activated.


"When people think of Israel they get caught up in politics and terrorism, with Jet Sam's help they hopefully will start gushing about its lush music scene." - This, was written about Jet Sam in Smother magazine last April.

It's true, Israel is not the first place that comes to mind when one discusses hot rock scenes across the globe. But Jet Sam doesn't fit well with the image of a Middle Eastern country, striving for peace and food for the few camels left there; in fact they are truly an international level hard working band.

The music combines sparkles of hard rock and Post-Grunge spiced with 60's essences along with a Jazzy touch and heavy grooves; whilst emphasizing the unique songwriting and conquering melodies.

The band has performed in NY clubs in the past, all over the Village and Downtown area (places such as CBGB, Pianos', Lion's Den, Kenny's Castaways etc.) before returning to Israel in order to record their first EP - "Remote" which was released in the winter of 2006.

Nowadays, the band is booking its final dates for the east coast tour, which will take place in September-October 2006 in US.


No More Heroes

Written By: Omer

It smells like peaches, tastes like wine. So wonderful...
Come and say hallo my friend, won't you stay some more?
It's in the air and in my veins, so colorful...
Have you seen my butterfly? Must the show go on?

And when you come, don't forget to bring with you a piece of heaven,
So I could hold it in my hands and play with it until it fades away.
And when you're gone and the fall comes on and takes away my heaven,
I'll be in the cinema, don't forget to visit me again.

Yellowish-red midday sun, so comfortable...
Lying on the gritty ground, psychedelic tones.
No more heroes, got no time, let's row the boat.
It's time for me to taste the wine, time to hit the road.

And when you come.

Piece Of Advice

Written By: Omer

Take one leg and lift it from the ground
Now lift your other leg, as crazy as it sounds
Don't hesitate just breath, let go and feel the vibe
This song can make you fly... let us guide you

Conquest the voices in your mind
Don't let the sickness decide
Hear me out, listen up, hear me out
Those delirious nights are worth dying for...

Close one eye, close the other one
And listen carefully, it's all around
Reveal yourself, dream on, don't be afraid to fall apart
You're not the first to fall... god has fell before

Conquest the voices...

Procure the dreams that you've left behind
Don't turn against the ones who're by your side
The album of your life is missing some pictures of good times
You're running out of time

You're running out of time
This haziness...

Conquest the voices...

State Of The Nation

Written By: Omer and Ran

Despite hopes and premonitions I'm still not what you'd call sane
I try to get into character, but I'm trying in vain
I went through the mazes with the smallest chunk of light guiding me through
Those dark narrow corridors should have led me to you

Between black and white is where I've always dwelled
My confusion sustains, and my peace is repelled

Looking down from my tower whenever I please
Dispensing advice with the greatest of ease
Don't posses what I'd like to shine from my eyes
Still you're holding on to my pack of lies

Between black and white is where I've always dwelled
My confusion sustains and my peace is repelled

Between black and white I'm still hoping to find
Some different shades and some solid ground


2006 - "Remote", the first EP was released.

Set List

When Jet Sam gives a full show (that is, not a double\triple feature nights), the set list is usually around 12-14 songs (usually takes an hour and few minutes ).