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"Jetset Getset - Hard Rock Cafe, Nashville, TN ("Sprightly country twang")"

The Players: Tori Little, vocals; Avery Eliason; vocals; Sadie Loveland, vocals; Jason Owens, guitar; Justen Jette, guitar; Suncan Mullins (filling in for Paul Kelley), bass; Gillian Bowman, drums; Terry Ranck, keys.

Material: With a full band behind them, this trio of girls aren’t even old enough to drink, but they draw on the influence of women who ruled country pop when Jetset’s vocalists were toddlers. The pop country stylings of women like Dixie Chicks and Faith Hill are poured into a kitschy, sparkling mold and come out as girlpower pop for the teenyboppers—fun and sticky teen Disney schmaltz about love, life and friendship.

Musicianship: The vocal harmonies of Little, Eliason and Loveland are good enough to have pulled renowned radio name Jack Gale out of retirement to offer a recording contract to Jetset Getset nearly a year ago. That’s saying something, considering Jetset Getset were formed back in 2011 just for the fun of it. Their vocal harmonies are good enough to have attracted Jim Pierce (Johnny Cash) to coproduce their second record, Saturday Night, and have a slew of Nashville session musicians as well as songwriters, like Tom Paden (Kenny Rogers), get involved. In Nashville, that’s more than enough said.

Performance: The Hard Rock isn’t as much of an exclusive hangout as other Nashville venues; you’re more likely to see any and everybody there. There was very much a town talent show vibe on this night with camera-toting parents moving around doubled over and crouched down to snap photos.

Onstage, the girls were theatric, interacting with one another, even pulling a boy from the audience, seating him in a chair onstage and singing at him. They were personable, warm and bouncy, albeit mannered in stage presence—they would do just as well if not better sans choreography—as they moved through a 40-minute set that pivoted from cheery to emotional.

Also: heed the budding chops of 13-year-old drummer Gillian Bowman.

Summary: Not to say a few outliers couldn’t get on board, but Jetset Getset are set to entertain a fairly narrow demographic of young girls, and they’ll surely get far within that niche. Mixing bubblegum pop with some sprightly country twang, and having three youths deliver it rarely fails to induce some sort of teenage cultural fever.

(Note: This review appeared in print only, and is not available on the magazine's website.) - Music Connection Magazine

"Jetset Getset - Saturday Night ("...the potential to be country music's next powerhouse female trio.")"

Twenty-three years ago, two sisters and their friend formed what would become a ground-breaking country trio. The Dixie Chicks rose to the top of the country charts with pop cross-over appeal, and made a name for themselves with their edgy songs and phenomenal harmonies. Jetset Getset, made up of Indiana teenagers Sadie Loveland (15), Avery Eliason (14), and Tori Little (15) have the potential to be the next Dixie Chicks if their debut album, Saturday Night, is any example of what they can do.

I do want to clarify that comment up front – I used the word potential. These three girls have some really good harmonies on the CD, but their youth is also quite apparent at times throughout. Vocally, the harmonies are strong. However, individual lead vocals are weaker and will need further development. But again, they are young and have plenty of time to grow into those stronger vocals as their voices mature.

I found two stand-out songs on the CD – tracks five and six. “Gone For Good” is a song with that Dixie Chicks edge to it and the trio does the upbeat, done with him-style song justice. “I Got You” is a tune that showcases the girls’ voices and has a good beat to it. It’s also the song on which the lead vocals are strongest on the album. I think that’s partially due to the backup harmonies throughout without any solo lead.

One thing I would suggest is for them to consider a name change for the group. Jetset Getset is cute, as are the girls, but cuteness changes with age and they’ll want to find something that will last as the group matures. A lot of a group’s initial appeal is in the name and they will need something that stands out, rolls off the tongue easily and works whether they are 15 or 35.

Like I said at the beginning, I believe these three girls have the potential to be country music’s next powerhouse female trio like the Dixie Chicks. I hope they work hard to find really good, edgy songs and develop their vocals for their next project, which I look forward to hearing.

I’m going to say BUY IT if you like the Dixie Chicks’ early work and also want to get on the Jetset train right from the start.

For more, visit their website at - Music News Nashville

"Jetset Getset - Saturday Night ("Sheer youthful magic!")"

What do you get is you combine a British songwriter, a retired record producer and three girls whose ages add up to forty five…..Jetset Getset.

At the moment this may not make a great lot of sense, however if I tell you that record producer Jack Gale came out of retirement to reform his Playback Record label to record three young ladies (all aged 15) and release a single from their debut album written by British songwriter Nelson King, then it all adds up to one of the most startling albums I’ve heard this year.

Jetset Getset is a teenage girl country trio comprising of Avery Eliason, Tori Little and Sadie Loveland, who come from Indiana.

President of Playback Records Jack Gale had seen the trio on a syndicated TV show and decided, that as there were few younger folk singing country music he would reform his record company and get them to record on his label.

The result is a brilliant fresh slice of across the board country sounds from youngsters whose three part harmonies can lift the discerning eyebrow of many of the big names in country music.

With ages adding up to forty four you may automatically think of a twee threesome whose voices could never match the current ambassadors in Nashville, nor express the music as it should be served.

This however is not the case as these three young ladies have vocal abilities that blend, and take on board any of the emotions of their ‘star status’ counterparts.

Backed by brilliant musicianship and produced exquisitely by Jack and Jim Pierce with engineer Mark Moseley, himself an artist in the eighties, they weave their way through a superb selection of up tempo and ballad type songs with occasional solo performances to the fore.

The title track ‘Saturday Night’ written by British composer Nelson King is geared more towards what could once be described as the Disney teenyboppers, however that thought can be cast aside as their vocal maturity could be levered more in the line of the Dixie Chicks of the future.

Talent of this calibre, at this age, is a wonderful thing and these young ladies have already delivered the goods in their debut release.

They say to ‘sing the blues’ you have had to live through them, to sing country you have had to have experienced life, and yet here in one package you have three young ladies who as the youth of today will become the artists of tomorrow with emotions garnered from the past.

It’s so good to know that talent like this is alive and well and it is to be hoped that the Nashville ‘moguls’ appreciate it.

As a taster, join me this Saturday when I’ll be playing three tracks on the American Connection on as it takes up our Album Of The week slot.

Sheer youthful magic!
- euVue Entertainment


Saturday Night (Single)
Saturday Night (Album; Playback Records)
JetSetGetSet (Album; self-produced)



With music influenced by the likes of Reba McEntire and the Dixie Chicks, and Motown-inspired choreography, Jetset Getset (JSGS) has a style all their own. Founded in 2011, JSGS started out performing at fairs and festivals throughout the Midwest and the South. In the spring of 2012, they were appearing on "The Shotgun Red Variety Show" on RFD-TV in Nashville, when retired record producer and radio legend Jack Gale saw them and fell in love. Gale came out of retirement and reactivated his record label, Playback Records, to produce for Jetset Getset. The result is "Saturday Night," an album of 10 uplifting songs about life, love and friendship. Jetset Getset has eight members: Tori Little (singer), Sadie Loveland (singer), Avery Eliason (singer), Jason Owens (lead guitar), Justen Jette (rhythm guitar), Paul Kelley (bass guitar), Gillian Bowman (drums) and Terry Ranck (keyboards).