Water Stunt shows on jet and sky skis

Water Stunt shows on jet and sky skis


Book our jet ski stunt shows for your Events, Festivals, Air Shows & More. Our water stunt shows offer freestyle jet ski, Sky ski and many other acts.


Typhoon Tommy and Rambo Rosie Nuttall are veterans of the extreme sports and themed show water ski entertainment business. The team's careers started after the summer of 1991 when they started racing on the IJSBA and APBA regional and national jet ski tours, then a few short years later they were doing the "Baywatch at Sea World" water ski show. The team has performed in over 10,000 shows since those early days which have include; Six Flags "Batman Forever", "Intensity Games" at Sea World, Nascar events, Summer festivals, APBA Boat Races, PWC Jet-Ski competitions, Air shows,Nascar events, and private events.

Rosie is a well rounded jet ski racing and freestyle event competitor, competing against men because of her exceptional abilities. She has honed the skills necessary to be an entertainer as a member of the Florida Sea World Watercraft and Ski Team and has taken on the role as "Queen of the WFWA Freestyle Team". Rambo is an important member of this disciplined, time executioned based freestyle PWC watercraft and water ski team.

Tommy Nuttall is the current WFWA Show Producer and a 6 year member of the Sea World Water Ski Team as a performer and safety instructor. Tommy has been an active competitor in the Jet Ski show industry and was the Company Manager at the Six Flags Houston "Batman Forever" Watercraft Stunt Show, plus has been a stunt coordinator at many events.

The WFWA team includes the most talented individuals in the PWC watercraft, jet ski and water ski and Sky Ski industry including;
* 8 time world freestyle champion Eric Malone. (www.ericmalone.com)
* Super talented Dan "High Roller" Stein
* Hard working and multi-talented Mike Hoffman
* Chip Reihl - World Class hydrofoil Sky Skier
* US national Champion Joe Eckert
* Chad Cummings
* "Custom" Ken Blouth
* "Racin" Jason Burns
* Tom Timm
* "Mr. excitement" Jeff Marsh

Our Sponsorship Method:

Your sponsorship offers public relations opportunities by embedded advertising directly into the action at our events. Our idea is to allow companies to deepen their relationship with customers by providing an environment that matches their lifestyle. Attendees to our events say “sponsorship of local events make them feel more favorably about your company” and would be more likely to purchase a product made by the companies that sponsor the event.
We communicate to the fans that because of your sponsorship they are viewing events that would not otherwise visit their market and that this event is provided by your brand or company.

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Increase brand loyalty
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We do this by providing:

On-site signage
Signage on watercraft
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Ad’s on posters, which our athletes autograph immediately following the event.
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Set List

Overview Performer/Rider Safety Guidelines for Water ski and Jet Ski shows:

1. All performers must have valid personal health insurance, provide us a copy and need to sign release and wavier form.

2. All equipment must be safety checked proper operation including; steering cable, throttle cable, Nozzle, pump operation, padding, cut-off switch, etc to name a few.

3. All performers must wear personal safety equipment, which can include; PFD (lifejacket), wetsuit/neo protect, shoes, gloves, helmet. All wake jumps require use of helmet.

4. All routines and boat patterns need to be driven/performed Parallel to the crowd, never directly at that the crowd. All performers are responsible to control water spray that comes out pt their jet pump.

5. We will have a safety meeting prior to the first show to discuss boat patterns and other event issues.

6. Performers need to arrive at the event pit area at least 2 hours prior to showtime with watercraft ready to run (gas tanks f