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"Night Guy"

Hey - cool music you have there. Love it :) Will add this track to a future podcast. -

"A Wind Supreme"

Atmospheric - I dig the true being that develops from the sounds of Jetsunma...there is an aura of light that should shine onto the ears of others... - Green Arrow Radio

"Chocolate and Peanut Butter for Your Ears, Part One"

The latest example of someone getting it right comes in the form of a new CD from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, a female Western Dharma teacher from the Nyingma School, called Revolution of Compassion.
- Rod Meade Sperry - Shambhala Sun


Revolution of Compassion - July 2007
Delog - September 2007
Ellinwood Ranch Blues - April 2008
Trilogy (EP) - April 17th



Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, the first Western woman to be formally recognized as Tibetan Buddhist master in 1988, is breaking new ground once again. A sampling of songs (called Trilogy) from her upcoming album A Lineage of Queens was named Editor’s Pick by on May 20, 2009. A Lineage of Queens is in production now!

This is the second time Jetsunma has been honored by the independent music website for her remarkable songwriting, earthy vocals and edgy beat that cuts across musical genres—from blues and electronica to jazz, funk and world music. The first time was when Jetsunma released her debut album Revolution of Compassion in 2007.

Jetsunma’s original music is more than stylistically innovative, however. It is profound. A Lineage of Queens and Jetsunma’s previous CDs (Revolution of Compassion, Delog and Ellinwood Ranch Blues) combine richly textured melodies with poetic lyrics empowered with teachings, sacred syllables (mantra) and prayers. These songs all resonate with a universal yearning for spiritual depth, meaning and awakening, but each album also has a particular focus and flavor.

A Lineage of Queens celebrates the divine feminine and is dedicated to uplifting and empowering the women of the world, especially those who have been oppressed. According to Jetsunma, the album is “a work of love for the spirit and heart of women--and men who believe in the equality of life.” Jetsunma calls A Lineage of Queens her offering, her prayer, her dream and her reminder that, as the Buddha taught, all beings—without exception—are equal in their nature and potential. “We are mothers of the World Tribe,” says Jetsunma. “We care for the way of LIFE. And all must benefit equally. My great hope is that we will rise together, see our true nature and offer our love and wisdom to all.”
Liberation by hearing: a wisdom tradition
It may seem unconventional for a Buddhist master to turn to the airways to spread her message of compassion and wisdom, but in fact, song is an integral part of the Tibetan Buddhist wisdom tradition. Female wisdom beings or dakinis “always have the quality of voice—profound lyrics and sweet melody,” explained the late Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje, a revered teacher and master, also known as the Dalai Lama’s “weatherman.” He once taught that to hear a dakini’s voice is a great blessing because it brings one to the path of enlightenment. “This is what is meant as liberation by hearing,” he said.

When Ngagpa Yeshe Dorje first heard Jetsunma sing in 1992, he was delighted. “I have no doubt that Jetsunma is a dakini,” he said. He went on to explain that Jetsunma’s “captivating” voice could inspire people “to contemplate upon the vast, open nature of mind” and take them away from their cares and busy thoughts at least for a while.

A stellar band
On A Lineage of Queens Jetsunma is accompanied by talented and accomplished musicians. They include Wayne “Tex” Gabriel, John Lennon’s post-Beatles lead guitarist, who also performed/recorded with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder; Jimmy Mack, former bass player for Sly and the Family Stone; and drummer Louis Winfield, who played with the Blues Brothers and just finished recording with Crystal Shawanda. Also supporting Jetsunma are Blinded by View musicians, including Tara Middleton, a remarkable young vocalist, and music engineer Yeshe Dorje.

The recording experience, which moved swiftly, had a striking impact on the musicians. “It was an incredible feeling… transcendent… hypnotic… like an altered state of consciousness,” said Gabriel. “I was so moved by what was happening that I had to leave the studio to re-focus before playing some more,” said Mack.

The Trilogy preview of A Lineage of Queens includes “The Promise,” “The Blessing,” “Phowa,” and “Manifestation.” The songs can be downloaded at or For more information about Jetsunma and her music, contact Tashi Taliaferro, 301-312-4509. Queries can also be sent to Jetsunma Music, P.O. Box 171, Boyds, MD 20841.