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The best kept secret in music


"Rolling Stone"

Regarding Holmes Ives' work with Six Degrees:

"San Francisco's world-music fusion label Six Degrees brings together a second helping of hybrid grooves from a globe's worth of musicians who meld traditional Middle Eastern and North African sounds with contemporary electronica; imagine those Missy and Jay-Z singles with blips, beats and a range of instrumentation filling up the holes where the rap would be."

- Barry Walters 10/03 - Barry Walters

"7 UPDATE Magazine"

Kings of Tomorrow, “I Want You For Myself” (Holmes Ives Remix)

"…Holmes Ives’ mixes absolutely blew me away. Simple, minimal deep bleeps and tones set the basis of the chunky production, as he drops the vocal over the bass line to raise the temperature. The intensity throughout the track is incredible. Watch this tune fly."

May 8, 2002 - Unknown


"...Holmes is a new and notable US proucer having already completed successful club cuts under a plethora of monikers for a variety of labels. DJ readers will probably be familiar with production y Okotek, Mimnon, Seroya and Ives appearing on labels such as Bedrock, Choo Choo, Renaissance and music Now. ‘Eros’ is a quality record and a particularly warm, mystical mood that’s very trippy and very much a smoker’s delight. Specialist yet special."

- ~JH


"Holmes Ives has already had cuts released on Bedrock, Choo Choo & Music Now, in various guises. So it's only natural that Yoshitoshi/Shinichi want a slice of the action. 'Eros' comes in two mixes, both are on that deep and dark cavernous tip, distant spoken vocal comes over in waves of dub, riding on spaced out key pad. Floatation Tanks R Us."

~Dean Thatcher - Dean Thatcher


"Holmes Ives needs little introduction here at Progressive-Sounds as all of his productions have met with great reception. Releasing under various aliases (Oko Tek, Memnon) on labels Music Now, Choo Choo and Bedrock, Holmes now puts out this smashing release on Shinichi. He is no stranger to Yoshitoshi / Shinichi as he remixed King of Tomorrow’s “I Want You”, but this is his first solo release with the Deep Dish crew. So what do you get when you mix Shinichi and the solo production talents of Mr. Ives?...

"The Divine Creation Mix of “Eros” is soft and mellow with a lot of atmosphere engulfing the dubby bass line. Scatterings of female vocals echo around in this groover. Producing under Ives, you get a great mixture of Memnon and Oko Tek with “Eros”, but I think it is his Memnon sounds that dominate in this mix. He delivers a bit more of his tough, Oko Tek signature sounds with the Ritual Dub leaving trace amounts of the vocal sample spinning throughout the track. It will appeal to those looking for a stripped down, minimal take on the rich in flavor Divine Creation Mix.

"In my opinion, the Divine Creation Mix is Holmes best work to date. Kudos to Shinichi for such a great release..." -

"Jive Magazine"

Rocking the house vibe Holmes Ives brings us a simplistic grooving tune that will have all the cute girlies on the floor stepin’. Starting with your basic house beat and a simple tribal percussion line this track is a perfect introduction to New York house...

~Jospeh Noctum
January 31st 2005 -

"Eric Shapiro, author of "It's Only Temporary""

"Listening to Jette.Ives is like having electric wine poured on your brain from an ancient goblet. Deep and intelligent music, akin to dreams dreamt inside of other dreams. Sultry, silvery, and sublime."

~April 29th 2005

  - n/a

"Rhoda Jordan, actress/singer"

"Sexy, espressive, refreshingly daring.  Jette.Ives is all soul, injecting each song with vocals and notes that hit mystical heights.  This music will simply take you places."

~May 3rd, 2005 - n/a

"E. Macula, music critic"

Regarding Jette.Ives & 'In the Deep'


~March 29th 2005
- n/a


Jette.Ives - IN THE DEEP :: (Full Album July 2005): contains Eleanor Rigby featured on "Beatles Re-grooved" releasing on Koch Records June '05

Jette.Ives - 'I Want You' :: Featured on Koch Records June 2005 'Beatles Re-grooved' album

Jette.Ives - Sneak Peek :: EP containing "Vexed" the first single to the album IN THE DEEP

Jette.Ives - 'Vexed' :: 12" single vinyl release with Holmes Ives remix and dub mix distributed by Intergroove UK


Feeling a bit camera shy


Holmes Ives, the revolutionary composer & producer of over thirty internationally released singles on labels such as Bedrock,Yoshitoshi, Six Degrees, and DeepDish, has just finished his hottest project to date--IN THE DEEP, his brand-new voluptuous, virtuosity of an album co-created and recorded by the Jette.Ives band. IN THE DEEP prowls to the provocative trip-hop rhythms of Danny Tait, and is infused with the fundamentals of jazz-inspired attitude and unwavering dedication by Matt Lewis on upright bass. Jette Kelly's dynamic vocals and evocative lyrics bespell audiences to follow her through an intimate (and at times wickedly fun) reflection on idolization, solitude, melancholy, and the ultimately irresistible lure of love.

Fans of bands such as Portishead, the Sneakerpimps and Massive Attack will be stealthily seduced by IN THE DEEP's ingenuity--the music pays subtle tribute to the trip-hop greats that have preceded it, but Jette.Ives demands its own identity within the genre when it elicits the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby' with Jette.Ives' signature lusty, driving drum, bass, and vocal display; offers a grave, heartbreakingly resigned rendition of blues standard 'Ain't No Sunshine'; and weaves its own tempestuous dance of masochistic seduction in the tango-inspired 'Proximity'.  
IN THE DEEP will be released mid-Summer 2005, at which time it will be internationally available in stores. Backed by a supernova team of investors, graphic designers, videographers, lawyers, and business advisors, Jette.Ives and IN THE DEEP are primed for a late Summer 2005 North American tour during which they will play some of the hottest clubs in the United States and Canada. The subsequent autumn will find Jette.Ives exploring the music scenes of Europe and Japan.

Coming Soon :: IN THE DEEP dance & deep lounge mixes

June 2005 :: NYC :: The 'film noir' music video for
IN THE DEEP's first single, 'Vexed'. New York director Hayes Smith describes the forthcoming 'Vexed' video as a "...transpositioning of Jette.Ives to the glamorous shadows of prewar-Berlin cabaret, setting them in a 'lost' silent short, replete with seductions, delights, debauchery and tantalizing ellipses."