Jettison Never

Jettison Never


Jettison Never combines honest lyrics, tight vocals, and personal chemistry, producing a sound you will never forget. Compared to The Police and Mute Math.


*NACA West '08 Roving Artist Alternate
*Performing Full Electric and Acoustic Shows on College Campuses.
*Currently Routing '09 Tour.

With humble beginnings, Jettison Never started their band with one guitar and a homemade "drum kit". Brothers Josh and Matt Gilbert, and their cousin Ben Phillips set their minds on making music that would be impossible to overlook. From the opening chords to the last note the natural ability and hard work that's gone into the music is evident. Jettison Never is "alternative/rock" in the vein of a Mute Math, Switchfoot, or The Killers. They have a sound heavily influenced by bands such as U2, Coldplay; and garnered many references to The Police.

After shared family hardship the group became a tight knit team, nearly inseparable. Today the band performs at Chattanooga’s top venues including Club Fathom (TN's largest all ages venue) and Rhythm ‘N’ Brews; drawing crowds close to three hundred fans. Only in their early twenties, Jettison Never has shared the stage with the likes of Mute Math, Nevertheless, Pillar, and Bowling for Soup. They have also performed at venues like the Knitting Factory, the Riverbend Festival, Gough Park Festival, and colleges shows in various cities.

Jettison Never continues to gain praise for an unforgettable live show. With their recent release of "They Fall from Heaven Unassembled", Jettison Never is currently planning an extensive tour. Look for them in a city near you.

College Shows:
Belmont University
University of Tennessee- Chattanooga
University of Tennessee- Knoxville
University of California, Riverside
Pasadena City College


Love Won't Be Lost

Written By: Jettison Never

In apathy you’ll find
A promise so divine
That calls out farther than
Even all the best comprehend
Even all the best comprehend…

In answering your voice
This vehicle of choice
Remembering your name
Never going to be the same
Never going to be the same…

There’s still a heart for people like you and me
Never apart from the way we used to be
Wave high the flag if ever there’s a need
Oh, oh-oh

In changing everything you’ve recognized again
The final transplant fuel (oh-whoa-oh)
It’ll get the best of you
It’ll get the best of you

And where is my brother?
We’ve murdered each other
And stapled our fingers
Between us, we leave her
Don’t take my hands, don’t take my heart
To lead me down and fall apart
Don’t take my hope, it’s all I’ve got
With searchin’ ghosts and embers hot

After This

Written By: Jettison Never

I am alive; I am a source of confidence
I can no more become irrelevant
I am the same; I am the same as you would be
I can no more become a thought in peace

I am insane; I am a lot behind the line
I will admit that it’ll take some time
I am ashamed; I am ashamed your lies are mine
I could’ve given way more thought inside

And I’ll hang on to what is left
I’ll hang on; it gets better after this
And I’ll hang on with no regress
I’ll hang on; until I pass the test

No more failure
No more failure


They Fall from Heaven Unassembled (full length 2007)
E.P. "Eye on the sky" (2005)
"Millions of Faces" was on rotation for Rock 105.5 in Chattanooga and 96.5 THE MOUNTAIN.

Set List

Original Material can cover 2 hour performances. Cover material from U2 and The Police can also be included to increase set time.