Jett Pink

Jett Pink

 Hermosa Beach, California, USA

Built from rock n' roll parts but fueled by cold hard blues.


A rocking bluesman to the core, Jett Pink injects his own brand of engaging intensity into all of his performances. If you take a little Muddy Waters, some John Lee Hooker, a healthy dose of Neil Young then toss in some Black Crowes and Joe Bonamassa- you've got the ingredients that make up Jett Pink.
Jett's inspired song writing also features his old soul shining through in abundance. His style harkens back to a time in music when performance and song material trumped recording gadgetry and pop feasibility. While his main instrument is his voice, Jett also plays guitar, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, and harmonica.


'Loretta', a solo acoustic album, released 5/1/12
Debut Album 'Saved by Memories' due out May 2012