Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Jetty marries indie and R&B vocals with the experimental production techniques of french house, hip hop and remix. The live performance brings the arrangements to life with the energy and improvisation of funk and soul.

Jetty's mission is to expand the boundaries of their sound while capturing something that feels familiar, even when it isn't. On stage Jetty strives to demonstrate musicianship and develop a connection with each other, and the audience, that only a live setting offers.


Jetty was formed in late 2012, and has since released back to back EPs in June and August of 2013. The band has been hustling hard in New England, playing several times a month at venues in Boston, Providence and Worcester. Recently, Jetty has shared the stage with acts like BLEACHERS, Bad Rabbits, The Broods, Vacationer, Joywave, and Biscuits & Gravy.



Written By: Yeugene Barokha,Michael Conway,Michael Spillane

Perhaps it's nothing short of tyranny, girl. But I can't help myself. You make it easy for me.

Crawl through my window,
beg me to stay,
but only on the weekend.

Crawl through my window, get laid out on the floor.
Stay there til the the cold has left your bones,
Stay there til control has left your hold.
Now you beg for the night not to come to an end,
Beg me to finish out the balance of my day, beg me to stay.

Banned from the morning, where everything you do is more important.
What is your patience reserved for? I would never ask you, but wouldn't put it past you.


ABQ.C - August 2013
Jetty EP - June 2013

Set List

Up to an hour. All originals. Maybe a tasteful cover if the mood is right.