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"Dallas Morning News July 5 2002"

Neo-soul, folk, traditional blues - not exactly. It's
hard to define the Jevette Band using these terms.
Singer-songwriter Sonya Jevette fronts the band, which
blends folk, blues, funk and R&B. Her rich voice is
similar to jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves or neo-soul
singer Jill Scott, with a smooth and bold flow that
engages the senses. Ms. Jevette's slice-of-life lyrics
sometimes are tinged with irony, sometimes are personal
and self- reflective. She's easygoing onstage and
establishes synergy with her avid local following. The
band has been together for about two years and is
anchored by bass, rhythm guitar, drums and sax.
Recently, the group has performed at local festivals
and has gigged at Deep Ellum spots like Fat Ted's. If
you appreciate music that is steeped in both
contemporary and vintage grooves, check it out.
Thursday at 8 p.m. at Obzeet, 19020 Preston, Plano.
- Brian Carr

"Women Of Mp3 Dec. 2002"

Diva In the Spotlight: Sonya Jevette

Chris: What’s up Jevette?! I've been listening to your music for a couple of years. Recently there seems to be a big change in your personal style and music. What's going on?

Jevette: It’s nice to know someone is watching me. Changes in my style and music? Yep, you bet. I changed my hairstyle because the last perm I put on it broke it off to about an inch. So, I started my dreads about 1 ½ years ago.

I guess that is just from the sign of the times. I just play whatever makes me groove. People like to put things into categories, I've been called "a female Lenny Kravitz," "a black Melissa Ethridge," and "a different kind of Jill Scott." I just like making music.

Chris: I really dig the material you’ve recorded with The Jevette Band . How did the band come about? Do you still perform as a solo artist?

Jevette: The band has been coming together for a while. I have gone through 55 drummers, yes I kept count. Now I have Ryan Martin as my steady watching for him to come through the ranks, he is a bad*ss! My sax player Clark Moore came to me about a year ago and asked if he could play with me, and he has been with me ever since. My bassist Susan Carson has been playing for over of 20 years, and has been a great asset to my music.

I still perform solo, as well as with my band.

Chris: Who are your major musical influences?

Jevette: My major musical influences would have to be Patti LaBelle, Bonnie Raitt, Melissa Ethridge, Tracy Chapman and Barbara Streisand.

Chris: What are you doing currently with your musical projects? Recording? Touring?

Jevette: Well, I sell out of product faster than I can make it.So, my next project is to get a bulk order of complete CDs and a bar code, then do a nationwide tour. I am currently a full time student at Richland College, and I’m majoring in Music and Journalism. My goal is to be one of the most successful artists on the Internet.

Chris: Jevette, I can hear what you give to your music. Do you think your music gives something back to you?

Jevette: Does my music give me something back...? It gives me air to breathe, and the reason to live. Without music, I would not be a very happy person. Music is the only thing I know I am really good at. It’s my job and I have a job to do. I was designed for it. Be - Do - Have! I am being whom I need to be, doing what I am supposed to do, so I can have what I want to have. - WoMP3
- Chris Van Loan


CD "Everything Begins With One" 1999



The words sultry, cool, eccentric and jazzy best
describe the jazz singer, composer, and musician
She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and graduated
from North Mesquite High School. Jevette currently
attends Richland College in Dallas, TX and is majoring
music and business.
Jevette grew up singing to the great R&B tunes that
dominated the airwaves in the seventies. As a teen she
honed her vocal talent through the church choir.
Winning a talent contest at the age of seventeen was
the beginning of Jevette's journey. From there, she has
gone on to win dozens of competitions. These successes
have translated into media attention, festival
appearances, and a week in Las Vegas.
The accolades that Jevette has amassed over the
Years are not nearly as impressive as her rich,
passionate voice and her gut-wrenching lyrics. The
subject matter of her songs come from a deep and
vulnerable place. One that most artists would be too
scared to explore, let alone share them with the world.
Music sung by Jevette’s strong and beautiful voice has
been known to leave audiences
Jevette's unique configuration produces a style
that can only be described as unique and eclectic while
combining her rich voice with a mix of rock, folk,R&B
and jazz. She was nominated in the Dallas Observer 2002
Music Awards along side Erica Badu and N’Dambi. Jevette
has played in venues such as Deep Ellum Live, Gypsy Tea
Room, and Ft. Worth's Caravan of Dreams, and has
appeared on the local Dallas radio station K104.
Unlike many of her peers, Jevette has a passion for the
business side of the music industry and has established
her own entertainment Mecca, Sound Byte Productions
Inc. She has also released her first CD "Everything Begins With One"