R&B, Soul Jazz. Simple melodies over Intricate chords.


Coming up under Philip Bailey of Earth, Wind and Fire is no easy task. The attention to detail was even that much higher, which served me in the long run. Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight are my influences. Heavy into spirituality it sped up my experiences therefore my songs are more of an adult nature. Intelligent adults only. :-) Touring with Wu-Tang Clan, Earth, Wind and Fire and Les Nubians in 2008 sped up my touring experience. Along with extensive touring overseas with my original rock band Solacz, Stone Mecca opened for the previous mentioned artist. From Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia, Germany, London, Austria, Kuwait and Dubai, U.A.E. the talent has taken me far. Appearing on RZA's last album "Digisnax" and 2 Craig Ferguson shows in 2009 momentum is building.


He Said "Cyclo Records
Volume 1 Solacz Music Group.

Set List

We can go from Frank Sinatra to The Black Eyed Peas, but we would rather play originals.