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yiddish traditionals in modern dance swing versions


Maya Saban has been present in the German music scene for some years now. Working with various famous German music artists as well as her success as a solo artist display what an astounding career she has had so far.

However, it all began long time before all these musical achievements.

At the age of 7, Maya has already been a little celebrity within her own family. At that time she already sang Jewish classics like “Jiddishe Mame” or “Papirosen” at weddings and other celebrations.

Being the daughter of a German Jewish mother and an Israeli father living in Germany, Maya had the luck to grow up in the beautiful multi cultural, musical, cosmopolitan and innovative city, Berlin.

Now, as an established artist, she works with the influences she has gathered throughout her life so far and puts them together in the new project Jewdyssee which she wants to share with the world.

Maya: Today, I want to connect my Jewish and my musical world. The expressive melodies and the deeply moving lyrics are crying out for a modern production. Accordion meets club beats, sweat,ecstasy and deep fascination with the stories of the people. With the mixture of modern pop and club culture and these traditional Yiddish songs, I particularly want to address to people who have not much to do with this culture so far.

Jewdyssee infuses Yiddish culture and expression in todays world by exploring the music and history that developed for a thousand years around the yiddish language and the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe.

The songs do not only reflect the more than thousand year old, with partial tragic, history in the "Traditionals", but also the never ending wanting hope, which draws from a clever and sharp humor.

"When I look at the Jews, i have little to be happy about. But when I look at the others, I am to glad to be a Jew." Albert Einstein

Jewdyssee is the musical “yiddishkait” – it’s not only a way of living; it’s a way of celebrating. The band reinvigorates music tradition and culture, so people are surprised by the new presentation, the celebration.

What Nouvelle Vague did for Bossa Nova and Gotan Project for Tango in clubs, Jewdyssee is doing it for Jewish music. They modernise short stories about life, love, destiny and “glick” and bring it to the clubs.

The party can begin and with “a bissl glick” Jewdyssee will soon celebrate the “yiddishkeit” in your shtetl – with you!


Jewdyssee will release the debut album world wide in Spring 2010.

Set List

usual set is 60 minutes long and is a set up like a DJ SET - that means one song goes into the next. We have about 15 songs in the set + skits and interludes in between.