Jey Vicious
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Jey Vicious

Houston, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Houston, TX
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop 8-Bit




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Personal Lyrics

Never call never hit you

Be the ones with a whip but can't never come get you

Gotta a lot to say about when dey ain't wit u 

 More then a thousand words but dem boys paint picture say it's all good but u can't tell it's a issue  

Niggas acting bitches they need them a panty tissue all in yo face like dem boys bout to kiss u 

Try to diss u all at ya wake like they go miss u

Fake ass people I don't never keep around 


Niggas straight fat needs loose couple pounds 

Jenny Craig niggas straight beg never with they 

own bread  can't repeat what said cuz they to 

scared I heard what was said  niggas can get read 


Be with wrong nigga Bein watched by a fed 

Wit  wrong niggas steal yo bitch then they wed 

be the wrong nigga you can find  yo self dead 


Niggas ain't making coins 

These niggas ain't makin sense 

Niggas be gettin mad these niggas be gettin tense mike Pence

Just in case ass nigga 

You just a back up 

More than two terms 

It be a while for I pack up

Laws be ridin

So you know I got that sack up

Go Live Black Live 

case them 12's try to act up

Mad cuz we kings and Queens and got our facts up

Insomnia Early Bird 

I ain't really Got to Nap up

Bitch I stay woke if that man getting money why the fuck he stay broke ?

But that's none of my business cuz I don't spill tea I ain't with that fake shit lookin guilty 

bitch That's real T These Hoes Go Feel Me 

Niggas talk shit niggas always talkin Down

Front like they king like they one with the crown

But I be god damn if the real bow down

Come up missin leave u lost neva found 


Dick riding Nigga in the workplace. Trying to beat everybody come in first place wanna be snitch bitch All in yo case

Say out in  email never your face 

I ain't with the kiss ass I ain't no teachers pet

Conrad Murray yo ass no anesthesia tech  propofol nigga first of all if a prob den we can solve it'll go down nigga fuck da job   

But I don't never give a fuck what a pussy nigga gotta say (hey) Im go be me until the day I Die 

U can talk that fuck shit All U fuckin Want

(Guess what?) I don't acknowledge I don't Fuck With You 

Niggaz brag bout  moves for u to feel some way but I ain't worry bout the top  I got bills to pay 

No competin just some well eatin still respect in the morning when I'm hardly greetin

Early bird with the worm first 

tryna Get rich before I meet hoarse 

If a nigga ever loosing I get reimburse 

Nothin but nuts I ain't walkin with no purse go against me sorry Freddy Ima the worst 


Reverse  a home field 

Become the crown 

Piss a nigga off 

Make a fuck boy frown 

Boys play Jason 

Ima cause them to drown

Nigga ain't Santa but Ima comin to yo town

Know yo favorite scary movie 

Ima cause them to scream 

Coming 7 days nigga coming for the ring 

Y'all got the tape 

Know I'm great I'm the goat

Pussy nigga big mad cuz a nigga broke 



Born Jeland Webber In Houston, Texas, started recording other inspiring artists at a early age. Formed a group called Freshz-2-Deff, went on to record one single but group failed to pick up momentum to continue on as a team. Jeland at the time went by various of names kept on the pursue of doing music. Today Goes by the name of Jey Vicious and it is currently working on a debut Mixtape.  

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