The premier anti-hit music machine.


Jezebel started in late 2003 in a South Park living room by long time friends and roommates Dorian Tucker and Chris Jones.

"We wanted to offer something else, different from what was going on in San Diego at the time. And more than that we wanted to make music that reflected our influences and personal tastes".

Then Michael Croft came on board with his bass and the whole sound really started to come together.

With the final addition of David Lien on lead guitar the music found it's fullness and identity.

Jezebel has made a strong impact on their local music scene with their passionate, moody and sonically diverse music.



Written By: Jezebel

no bad words...


Descender - (Single)

Victim - (EP)

Favorites - (Full length being released in October of 07)

Set List

30 to 60 mins

7-10 songs, no covers.