Jezebel's Cure

Jezebel's Cure


Jezebel’s Cure is a high energy, all original blues-rock band from the DC area. Fronted by the powerful and dynamic vocals of Jenn, they present a modern and exciting sound, influenced by the great blues and rock of past eras.


This VA based group came into the music scene with a bang! Armed with a four time, National Federation of Musicians, award winning female vocalist, they quickly made themselves known. Headlining the 99.1 WHFS Localpolooza in 2002, sharing the stage with National Recording Artists "Lacuna Coil" in 2004, and in 2005 their song "This Life" was awarded Best Female Vocals in Alternative Rock, and Best Music Production out of 14,000 bands on! They held strong on the Washington Post Mp3 Top 50 download charts for more than 3 months, and have recently been receiving airplay on, AX101.3 and DC101!

Jezebel’s Cure began to experiment with their material by abandoning their pop sound. For a period of time, they took a heavier approach to their material. The response to this approach was excellent and the group began building on their hard rock/blues background to add a new dimension to their shows. By combining the driving leads of metal with the heart-felt soul of blues /rock, they acquired a harder edged sound. Jezebel’s Cure finished their self-titled EP in January 2005.

The audience base, as determined via mailing list and sales demographics, is wide ranging from the “under 18” to “18-54 yrs” age groups. Jezebel’s Cure is considered a cross-over band with songs ideal for Modern Rock, Active Rock, AAA, AOR, Hot AC, and Alternative Rock formats.


Scheduled to release April 1st, 2005 - Self-titled EP "Jezebel's Cure".

Currently recieving airplay on, AX101.3, and DC101.

Set List

Original Songs:

Dirty Dreams
Slight Regard
Dark Angel
Fighting Blind
Patriot's Tale
Sick Obsession
Gold & Silver
Cognitive Dissonance
This Life
Take it Away


Rock & Roll - Led Zeppelin
Pride & Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughn
Shine - Collective Soul
Jet - Are you gonna be my girl?