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"The indefinable Jezery to hit Stress!!"

HERE WILL be another intoxicating mix of searing funk, experimental, prog-rock, punk, and eccentric rock at Stress!! in De Burgo’s on Wednesday June 13.

Cork is certainly proving to be a fertile breeding ground of original music - the metal/post-rock of Rest, the irresistible indie-pop of Hooray For Humans - and now comes the possibly indefinable Jezery.

Jezery are four highly talented musicians, who play a furious hybrid of funk, prog, metal, and indie that is both danceable and music for the head. These guys dexterity on guitar and (five string) bass is quite something to see. With influences that include The Beatles, The Mars Volta, The Redneck Manifesto, King Crimson, and Tool, it’s perhaps not surprising.

In February 2007 the band recorded their second EP Six Sided Clothes, launching it with gigs in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Tralee. Do investigate. - Galway Advertiser

"Jezery: Six Sided Clothes"

four track ep from this new irish based outfit released on their own label, features alone together, killing time, can will fate and six sided clothes, these four guys from cork blend up explosive post punk sounds with the slightly more intricate guitar work of some post rock sounds along with some very very clever jazzy rock edges, try to imagine the abrasive sounds of fugazi or jesus lizard blended with the intricate guitar work of early tortoise and the slightly madcap prog sounds of either mars volta or king crimson, features some supremely intelligent musicianship - Road


Six sided clothes. Let me just say that the name alone sold the song to me. That line “waking up to the sound of a bouncing ping pong ball,” brilliant.
Can will fate. Not saying that you sound like Mars Volta , but the similarity that you hold with them is that you know how to convey surrealism through the medium of music and frequencies very very well. That and that song is funky as fuck. You are actually the only band in Ireland I’ve ever heard do what ye do, but to so well. The sound is organic and natural. The music and singing seems to flow so well that I can only imagine it follows ye as much as your shadow’s do. Unfortunately right now I don’t have time to listen to your other two songs but let me tell you, I’m extremely difficult to please and your music has surprised big time.
Fair play to ye boys. - Brian Prior Music Promoter, on our myspace, ok i know its not press!

"Mesmerising Jezery are at the wheel"

Jezery bassist/vocalist Jimmy Lyons jokingly describes their sound as " Forward slop curly harmony". Jezery, making girls swoon and guys wish they'd practiced guitar more since 2005. so where did the name Jezery come from? "It came from a little story shane O Leary had written years ago, Jezery Lakum Sayree was the name of a character I think. We just liked the sound of the word, and that it didn't mean anything. Therefore it didn't cloud people's judgement of us, you can't make presumptions about us based on our name. It has caused problems in the past, being mis-spelled and mis-pronounced, but we make music, we don't mind"
With a list of musical heroes that could fill a hall of fame, I ask Jimmy what, besides music, influences them to write: "Friends, relationships, outside, experiences, books, strangers, the future, synchronicities, the past, the internet, ocean-life, funny things, sad things, The Mighty Boosh, and stories."
Jezery are presently looking into distributing their second ep, Six Sided Clothes, nationally. Us Corkonians can pick up a copy in Plugd Records.
Jezery guitarist Shane O Sullivan believes no band should play music specifically to get signed. " Not that I'd set someone on fire or anything if they were interested in putting out an album for us."
so is there an album in the pipeline, I ask Jimmy.
" At the moment we have about five definite songs that could be on the album. We might start sneaking a few into our sets over the next few months, but they'll mostly be kept under wraps until we release it. We want to take our time, and play gigs all over the country first, to generate interest in our music and make new fans in new places is our priority at the moment."
So who's the lyrical genius Shane?
"We all write, Six Sided Clothes has four songs on it, one from each of us."
So, what's been the highlight of your career so far?
"I'd say playing with Tenpastseven in the Roisin Dubh. They're one of our favourite bands, and to have them supporting us on our ep launch was great, they've been a massive influence on us. Also the time we we were starting out, and we played to three people in Fred Zeppelins and broke loads of strings was excellent"
So how do you find the rock and roll lifestyle?
" Me and Ted were driving back from that Livestock gig recently and in between Ted nodding off at the wheel and me complaining about the pain in my arse from sitting down, we realised we weren't very "rock and roll". We have been known to crash our cars into each other when driving to and from gigs though. Is that rock and roll?"
Something tells me that the Jezery lads are holding back some major gossip... I don't believe a word of it! So if you want to hear " loads of mad sounds and fun happy times...." catch Jezery live at Cyprus Avenue with Joe Rubix and Cable Face on Sunday June 10. Visit for more information. - Evening Echo


(excerpt from full article)

The band are gearing up for the release of their new ep Six Sided Clothes, an odd mix of Waits like jaunting vibes, math/instrumental guitar noodling and jazz lite improv.So, were they clear in their musical intentions right from the off or has the band reached this point in time by continuously picking up new influences as they have gone on?
"At the start we used to jam out whatever songs one of us had, usually Jimmy's and Shane O L's just to try and get afeel for what we could do together. I wouldn't say we found "our sound" or anything but we kind of saw what we would and wouldn't do. I'm not sure if we had any real musical intent, I think we just reall wanted to write songs. Over the last two years we've met lots of new people and bands who've introduced to more quirky and obscure music which I think we've been heavily influenced by. Also the quality of some of the local Cork bands also pushes you to write the best stuff you can. I think as you see more amazing bands both in Ireland and from all over you realise that there's nothing really off limits and you're constantly being influenced and affected by new music. - Cork Independent


"Be Wide". First ep. 8 tracks. November 2005.
"Six Sided Clothes" Second ep. 4 tracks. February 2007. Our tracks are streaming on, and soon on Nokia Music Recommenders site.



(What follows is real life truth, for the far more interesting fabricated lies, visit, and inhale the blog called The State of The Union )

Jezery began in January 2005, when four friends with overlapping but individual tastes in music, and experiences with bands, started putting songs together. After solid months of jam making, the jam became a gel-like substance, and Jezery tentatively stepped onto stages.
Rubbish gigs came and went with plenty of lessons learnt along the way. By November 2005 they must have started to do some things right, because Tenpastseven (Out On A Limb Records) asked them to play support on an Irish tour. That same month they recorded a cd called " Be Wide " . It introduces a band still in early development, but with a lot of the fundamentals of their sound in evidence.
In February 2007 they ventured to the studio again to record their second ep, " Six Sided Clothes", launching it with gigs in Cork, Galway, Limerick and Tralee. This is an altogether more coherent record, with a much different sound. The ep is available in Plugd in Cork, and also worldwide through Road Records.
Our influences are wide-ranging, our primary ones would be The Beatles, Tool, Tom Waits, King Crimson, Faraquet, The Redneck Manifesto, and millions more. What sets us apart from other bands is that we (dare I say) have a very high standard of musicianship, and a policy of each song sounding different from the last. We put on a really good live show, with plenty of energy and movement. Our main strength is that we have a truly original sound, and don't sound like anyone else.