Jezreel/ Joe Miller

Jezreel/ Joe Miller


It's real, from the heart, and stained with a passion for music.


I started playing in rock bands in the early 90's as a rythym guitarist, eventually evolving into a lead guitarist with some back-up vocal talent. Carbondale, Illinois was where most of my live experience occurred. There,. I played in a band called Sol Dog. We started out winning a couple of battle of the bands contests in the area. The Du Quoin state fair contest being the biggest as far as exposure. We became regulars on the " strip" in Carbondale but couldn't withstand the test of time. Musical differences and bad habits eventually caused us to go our own ways. We tried to re-unite in 00', but it just wasn't the same. I never quit playing and writing music,starting a couple of small projects here and there, but nothing really came together. I've grown tired of trying to make things or bands happen,so now I am doing my own thing. My influences range from Alice in Chains to Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin to Breaking Benjamin. I write songs that are real and from the heart, I don't know any other way.

Set List

A typical set list for me consists of mainly all originals, with just enough covers to spark an audiences attention. My covers would include Alice in Chains, Days of the New, and Seether.