JF Brooks

JF Brooks

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BIGCITYBIGCITY SAY IT TWICE. JF Brooks/Jerzy from Brooklyn is the American Reality. Married, War Veteran, african-american who happens to rap. He is like listening to a soldier who just lost his platoon and his legs but still found the time to come to the stage and tell you a fairy tale. #CAPTIvaTe


J.F Brooks aka JerzyfromBrooklyn is a true MC using “witty” word play, genuine subject matter and flows that would turn the toughest critic into a loyal listener. JerzfromBrooklyn is destined to be the aurora borealis of our generation, a natural wonder. Think of Frank Lucas playing a Sax, he demands that kind of respect.


Undeniable - 2011
"When I Grow Up" - Single - 2011

Set List

36 hours in the studio
Malcolm X
When I Grow Up

Will adjust according to set time