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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Artist Report: J. Ferb"

"J. Ferb is a hardworking DMV artist/Radio Personality for University of Maryland’s radio station by way of the south. He’s been performing with Memphis Rap Artist, Yo Gotti and will be bringing coverage of the Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy show in North Carolina this weekend." (Jun 17, 2009) - Ravi Mongia, Real Mango Juice

"J. Ferb Studio Sessions"

"This guy has been seriously working in the studio day in & day out. I went to visit him on friday & I’m pretty sure he’s still there. Got a few photos of his working. Click the image at the bottom to hear the track that he had just finished recording that day."(May 24, 2009) - Calypso , Go-Fresco (May 24, 2009)

"J. Ferb x Shov - “Blunts x Bourbon”"

"My man J Ferb (on the left, yea that’s Tyga) just shot over this dope track on Twitter and it’s def worth posting. A lot of people are sending me dope music today. Keep it comin’ folks! Oh, be on the lookout for a PFOP x J Ferb collab in the near future…"(Apr 23, 2009) - Skip, Pocket Full Of Paper


"A Look into the Chase" [Chase the Dreams, Not the Competition Preview]



WMUC 88.1 FM's Most Requested On Air Personality had a lust for life that expanded beyond the realms of keeping his listeners entertained with others music. After maneuvering through the confines of a conservative southern background in Memphis to the offices of music executives in NYC, he has found himself with a daunting yet simple task... Keeping the voice of his peers relevant.

The year is 2009, and in what seems to be the never ending rise of the latest trending styles in Hip Hop, along with the ushering in the of the “New School” rappers that accompany each trend --only one thing has stood alone, omnipotent ....(lyrical) Content. Lyrical Content you ask? Yes.... Lyrical Content. For each trend that comes and goes, there have always been those transcendent artists with a crafty delivery of stories that wowed Hip Hop enthusiasts for years while proving mainstays in the Hip Hop game [(c) Nas, Andre Benjamin, 2 Pac, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco].

...In comes J. Ferb. A paradox of sorts, Jamal “J. Ferb” Ferby hails from the one of the most dangerous cities in America --Memphis, TN-- in the southern region where nestled rhymes about drug trafficking and its encounters, along with catchy radio songs are more so the norm for Hip Hop artists than lyrical compositions. But that’s what make’s J. Ferb’s music so transcendent ...Although fully immersed in that environment growing up, he was more enamored by the messages in Hip Hop being introduced to the more lyrical storytellers of the 90’s through a family member who encouraged him to listen to early Jay-Z, pioneering days of OutKast, early Yo Gotti, the stories of 8ball & MJG, the confidence, yet raw emotion of Lauryn Hill and his favorite of the pack, “Nasty” NAS. Later Jamal came into his own. Never a close minded individual growing up listening to solely one genre, his affinity for british songstress Amy Winehouse has him checking rhymes over her “Love is Losing Game” composition while citing her as “the best female songstress to ever lay pen to pad in the past decade.”
[J. Ferb’s Music]
So imagine, if you could, a black educated[albeit a college “dropout”] male... from a strong southern family, raised on east coast lyricism, who revers the writing of Amy Winehouse while citing Marc Ronson & Kanye West as musical genius... all fused together in one big melting pot... And you probably still wouldn’t get the full gist of J. Ferb. He barks, “And she keep asking who am I am/ J. Ferb... but keep it real, just call me Jamal...Cause to know what they call me now ain’t really knowing me at all,” in the Intro of his upcoming late summer 2009 release, --Chase the Dreams, Not the Competition-- as if what we know of him now is yet to tell us the full story of the man behind the lyrics.

One thing remains tho... He seems the same ambitious male who once left the comfort of his southern home to attend summer programs in high school on the east coast, “Just to get away and experience more”...The chase is what he calls it...and he seems to care less about the propriety of main stream America who shout liberal arguments but teach conservative principles.

He’s dreaming...and doing so in a big way...

.......::::::::Journey along as this self proclaimed, “music purist” “CHASE the DREAMS, [and] NOT the Competition”