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Speak Up! This is the Rebirth of JFK!


With a style that springs from a deep well of lyrics, JFK is a fresh voice for Philadelphia rap. He's got a knack for bringing concepts into the booth that pull the listener in and keeps them interested.
Getting his start in street ciphers of North Philadelphia and a now a member of the 2.1.fifth team, he uses his music as a way to express his emotions and thoughts in a style that has been influenced by the greatest MC's. He learned his skills by honing his freestyle abilities; most hip-hop fans will agree that a true MC is one who can go off the top of the head, and JFK carries this ability for spontaneous expression into his studio work.

Having never written a lyric down, he crafts songs in a unique manner, adding and subtracting bits and pieces until the end product emerges fully formed. The goal is to paint a mental picture, to take the listener on a journey and JFK's preferred method of travel just so happens to be lyrical. From the beginning, he has had the ability to visualize the words as they travel through the space around him: "I can see the Words, and then I just know how to grab them and put them out there." He's currently in the studio working on an album, and being involved in this process has already produced impressive results. This is a voice the world needs to hear.


The Rebirth- 2007

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Mix of originals