JFK Didn't Even See It Coming
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JFK Didn't Even See It Coming


Band Alternative Rock





“Band is incredible.” - I Wanna Rock You Baby


“this is some of that godheadsilo and gay witch abortion-like business” - Shiny Grey Monotone

"SXSW 2013 Weird Band Name List"

“JFK Didn't Even See It Coming -- This is my favorite. It's all sorts of awesome. It's punk and subversive. It's says, "Fuck you, we're naming our band this."” - Music Snobbery

"SXSW Day Two Part One…Breaking Rad So You Don’t Have To: Caitlin Rose, Dikes Of Holland, Wet Nuns, More"

“Back inside Metal and Lace, I found, you guessed it, another two piece band! Actually, I am a giant fan of two-piece bands, especially if the lead is an oddly tuned bass. And, oh man, was Ohio’s own JFK Didn’t Even See it Coming oddly tuned. Watching Damien waft his amber-afro of biblical proportions as he fingered his aqua bass of equal stature was absolutely face-melting.They are tight, crusty, evil, and unwavering.” - Drew Kaufman


Still working on that hot first release.



"Having first met JFK in 2008 as neighbors living a few steps away on a stretch of Clinton St. at the heart of Columbus' own Washington Beach.

Within ten minutes of introductions followed, almost immediately, by coughing our eyeballs out, the two had found my living room to be full of amplifiers and a drum set. The invitation to blow up my living room with sound was warmly invited as Damein ran back home to grab Doxxie, the Rickenbacker. On arrival, the amp was fired up and drum sticks were passed to Josh.

The next twenty or so minutes seemed to screw my head back in place in kind of a spiritual way. Riffs evolved out of nearly sporadic noodling that, no matter how far-out it had reached, was always bound with never-dull, straight-forward and Animal-like drumming pounding beneath the monstrous growl and brightly defined screaming fuzz of that gat-damned Rickenbacker.

Galloping through a creature-feature kaleidoscope of riffs, leads, fat, buzzy and disgusting chords ebbing and flowing with the sound of drums like a bookshelf toppling over onto Keith Moon's kit inside a cloud of green smoke embellished with purple leather. Vocals are completely unnecessary in the land of these sounds. JFK had made a crater in that 10 x 10 room.

Seeing and HEARING them live is a treat for any head within range. Unassumingly bare bones while cloyingly rich with riffs, volume, and raw presence, your head won't know how to stop nodding. You will want to shout things like "MOTHERFUCK WHAAAAATTT?!?!?" (ala DMX) and start pouring beer on everyone around you because you now believe that humans can be intoxicated by osmosis because it's happening to you RIGHT NOW!!!

These guys know what a good time is, like a REALLY FUCKING BAD ASS kind of time, effortlessly arranging those sentiments into an aural representation of said times.

I'm now led to believe that Samuel L. Jackson was referring to JFK Didn't Even See it Coming when he blurted out "...hold on to your butts."'

(-John W. Peters)