If I was with you in an elevator I would look in in the eye and sing 'Mother Nature'.


I have been playing music for 15 years but recently became a lead singer. Practice is what was lacking. Working as a voice actor in the animation industry gave me a heightened awareness of my voice and, well, like I said: practice practice practice and voila! I can belt it out!


Mother Nature

Written By: Jeremy From

Hold on, hold on!
I got a feeling everythings gonna be alright.
Hold on to what you got.
Hold them close
And hold them in your thoughts.
Hold on, hold on!
Don't need a prescription
To fall asleep tonight, if you
Hold on to me tight.
There's a great big world beyond the city lights.

Mother Nature, she's so mad
I think it's 'cause you've been
Such a bad man.
You've been a bad, bad man.

Mother Nature, she's a bitch.
A hundred thousand year old itch
And she's scratching us off.

You know I wouldn't take it either.
I bet you wouldn't take it either.

I see you standing in my lane,
Baby girl I gotta get your name
Before you drive away...

And I hate to see you frightened
But you, you had to go and panic on me child!

I love my mother Nature.
Mother, Mother murder.

I tried to figure it out.
I tried to figure you out
But I don't have a clue.
You got me down girl,
You make all the rules!
The things I love in Mother Nature, baby,
Are the same old things that
I like about you girl
So I wrote you this letter

And I never found it easy.
No you, you never made it easy on me.

I love my Mother Nature!
Mother mother...

Had Yuan

Written By: Jeremy From

I've been waiting for a love for so long.
I've been waiting for someone to come along.
I've been waiting for a love for a while.
I've been waiting ten days with this smile
On my face!

And I don't want nobody else, no.
No, Nobody else.
'Cause I waited for so long,
Now I found you.

Would you drive me back home?
I live right down the road.
Help me carry my load,
I'll help carry your soul.

And I don't want nobody else, no.
No, Nobody else.
'Cause I waited for so long,
Now I found you
Waiting for a taxiboat in Had Yuan.


Not yet released.
The songs here are demo versions recorded in my living room.

Set List

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