J Goodin

J Goodin


J Goodin is a one-man band, an eclectic songsmith whose playing encompasses many genres & textures, many deliberately jarring. His solo shows are melodic & moving, his bands have been hard & engaging: heavy & crunch-laden on one song then full-blown country, folk, pop, blues on the next.


J Goodin is a collision of smashing differences. He is influenced by Elvis Costello .. .. and Dead Horse, and he'll sing them back to back. He is passionately in love with music, life, love, but he has only written a single "love-song" to date. He is quite allergic to metal, but he plays guitar, wiping the strings and washing his hands intermittenly, with his belt turned completely around, to defeat the buckle. His music is a lot like his life, a crazy amalgamation of all the different ecentricities that make him up. The sons of travelling sign painters, living now on a commune in Staten Island, never owning a phone, or trusting the government enough to open a bank account (driving his record label absolutely MAD, by the way). At the bottom, J has always lived by music, to guide him, pay him, entertain him, and inspire him.


Morning Ate My Moon

Written By: J Goodin

Morning ate my moon, with eyes of fire and a soul of light.
I'll forget it soon, take a drink, and close my eyes.
She's leaving yesterday behind. Her soul is free to fly.
She's leaving yesterday behind.

And darkness fell so soon, than morning had barely left my sight.
I'll forget this too, take a drink, and close my eyes.
While she's leaving yesterday behind, her soul is free to fly, leaving yesterday behind.

You can carry a dead messiah in your wake. With the loss if God and pride, the preachers take. Another mindless melee, the church is at stake, but the sun also rises in a day.



Written By: J Goodin

Pay off another peddler with the bones of New Orleans, and fill your nights with the endless fights you lose to Hennessey.
Sweep out all the cobwebs in your house of missing stairs, and use the glass of sour mash to wash down your wild hairs.
And if you play a perfect sinner, you will make yourself a saint. Saint Peter will be laughing underneath the wet greasepaint.
You fly out to Chicago, but your soul's still in L.A. So buy another round, and hope her memory fades.
Symptoms of your addictions dancing wildly at the bars. Bishop stole a diesel, but he broke down in New York. Spiders gather fondly on your eyes on winter nights, poison all your memories, lay eggs in your fright.
repeat chorus


Written By: J Goodin

I don't want to live my life. it's a waste, a tad expensive, with all the words .. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
So you could take it off my hands, like it was ever mine to begin with. Don't you know? I "Blah Blah Blah" a lot.
And it was a dream you'd stick around. Yeah, it was a goal to pass my time with a simple word like "Vanity". Try on "Calamity."
So I know when times are right, to advance on propositions, to rely on Blah Blah Blah.
And when it all comes together, like a handshake in cold weather, maybe then I won't feel so Blah.
repeat chorus
Let my love open the door to your heart.


Mojo Kitty (1997) - The Reckless Panhandlers
Axes and Axioms (2002) - J Goodin (Canon Records)
Don't Come Out of the Hills, Boys (Sept. 2007) - J Goodin (Canon Records)

Set List

A typical set with J Goodin is between 2 and 4 hours, with a fifteen minute break every two hours. He plays originals and covers in about equal number, but has been known to entirely play covers during any one section of the show, if they are requested (and he approves). Sometimes the gigs turn in to a human juke box, as J knows so many different songs. His last set list contained the following: Several originals to start, followed by Elvis Costello, Violent Femmes, Originals here and there, Tom Waits, Morphine, They Might Be Giants, Johnny Cash, Soul Asylum, Pink Floyd, Toadies, more originals, Dire Straits, Men at Work, Ben Harper, The Old 97's, The Verve, more originals, the Stones .. you get the idea