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Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE

Austin, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM




"J.Goods – Bounz (DJ Hero Remix)"

Seguimos con la parte Hip Hop mas reciente del mercado….

Nos vamos hasta Austin (Texas) para encontrarnos con J.Goods, un hábil MC que ha estado haciendo música desde 6º Grado cuando comenzó como percusionista en la banda de la escuela. Sus raíces combinan el Hip Hop con un toque lírico fiestero y sonidos particulares del EDM, pero también lo podemos encajar dentro de un nuevo estilo que actualmente se ha popularizado gracias a artistas como Diplo, Flosstradamus o Flux Pavillion,…. nos referimos al Trap.

J.Goods – Bounz (DJ Hero Remix)

Su nuevo single Bounz producido por Y2JJ, sigue el mismo ambiente fiestero que sus anteriores trabajos, pero es otro ejemplo de como J.Goods se interesa en experimentar con nuevos sonidos para abrirse nuevos caminos.

De hecho tan solo tenemos que cruzar Oklahoma para llegar a Denver (Colorado) donde DJ Hero le ha realizado un Remix de corte Breaks a este tema dando gran cobertura al genero Trap, que esta muy de moda últimamente entre algunos artistas estadounidenses.
- Rhythm & Breaks

"J.Goods Let me"

J. Goods (not to be confused with West Coast rhymesayer J.Good) may be just starting out in the game, if you give him an opportunity to shine, he’s confident he’ll exceed all expectaitons. On new single and Booth debut Let Me, the Austin spitter showcases his dedication to his craft over a soulful beat by newcomer 20/20. Digging it? Keep it locked for further freshness leading up to the arrival of J. Goods’ Dope Rhymes Filthy Beats tape this summer. - DJ Z

"An Interview With Austin’s Hottest Emerging Artist, J.Goods"

DA: So Goods what’s new with you? I heard you’re “Livin it Up” single was a huge success in Central Texas. How has that helped propel your career to the next level?

J.GOODS: Oh man, where do I start? So many things are happening right now. Currently I am working with platinum producer Russell Lee. The chemistry between us is crazy. You can expect a few hit records from us soon. I also have a few opportunities sitting on my doorstep so keep your eyes peeled. "Livin It Up" is responsible for almost everything that I have going on right now. It's a track that has everything to do with what goes on in downtown Austin, Texas. I wanted to make something that Austinites could relate to, something to be proud of. So I got Y2JJ to make me a hot beat, got KJ Hines on a 16-bar verse and shot a music video to it. Now "Livin It Up" is known as the 6th Street Anthem and is played regularly in Austin nightclubs.

DA: For the people that don’t already know you…give us a brief history of yourself. Where did you grow up and how did your surroundings influence you and your music?

J.GOODS: Growing up was kind of tough for me. My mother raised my little brother and I while my father dealt with his alcohol and drug problems. I never let myself get used to a school or the people in them because we moved around so much. We finally settled down in the William Cannon/ Pleasant Valley area during my 7th grade year. Been in South Austin ever since. Having to adapt to so many different environments at an early age taught me to keep an open mind. This enabled me to have an open ear to all different types of music. I love it all.

DA: So you were formally known as J.Hustle…what brought the change to J.Goods?

J.GOODS: J.Hustle came from the type of lifestyle I was living during that time of my life. I was young and stupid but I was living on my own and did what I had to do to pay the bills. I was also new to the music business but determined to make a name for myself. So the name fit for that moment. As I started maturing and learning more about business, I began to grow out of that phase in my life. During that time the group I was currently in dismembered. This marked a new beginning for me as a solo artist. Since I was starting over I wanted to start brand new. So I changed my name to something that fit me more as a solo artist. I changed my name to J.Goods and came with a different approach to my music. That was that.

DA: Tell us a little bit about your music and what it means to you?

J.GOODS: I like to think of myself as a versatile artist/songwriter. The key is to approach every track differently. Every track should create different feelings and emotions. Most of my songs are personal so I want the listener to feel exactly what I’m feeling. I find that if you speak from the heart, 9 out of 10 times the people who are listening are feeling the exact same thing or can at least relate to what’s being said.

DA: What’s in store for us from J.Goods? What can we expect to hear from you in 2011?

J.GOODS: Oh man, the sky it the limit right now. You can definitely expect a full-length album in 2011. I’m wrapping up the singles as we speak. After that I would like to work on getting song placements on other artists’ albums. Until then I'm going to keep writing music.

DA: Who’s been the biggest influence in your music, both personally and people in the music biz?

J.GOODS: Really, just anyone that wasn't afraid to step out of the box. Those are artists and producers that I respect the most. When you influence others by creating your very own unique sound, that's when you know you have mastered your craft.

I wouldn't say that anyone in particular influenced me single handedly. My influences come from my surroundings and my past experiences.

DA: What advice do you wish you would’ve received and can you give upcoming artists any?

J.GOODS: Be patient, stay focused, and be yourself.

DA: Where can fans reach you?

J.GOODS: www.generalgoodsmusic.com or on Twitter @JGoods512

You can find everything you need to know about me on my website. You can join my mailing list, book me for events, check out pictures and videos, and download a bunch of free music.

DA: Do you have any musical background? If so, shed some light on that for us.

J.GOODS: I picked up my first pair of drumsticks in the 6th grade. From that point on I was hooked. I was in band until my junior year in high school. During that time I learned how to play a large variety of percussion instruments. I mastered everything ranging from the xylophone to the tenor drums. Marching band was my favorite part of the year. That meant it was drum line time. Time to strap on our drums and hit the football field!

DA: What goals do you have for your career?

J.GOODS: A man is successful when he makes a living doing what he loves to do. All I want to do is write songs and live comfortable while doing it. Everything else that comes with it is a bonus. lol

- Daniel Alvarez of atxhiphop.com


Single: Get Filthy *Licensed by Axe Shower Gel and MTV India* (available on iTunes, Beatport *Hip Hop Charts for 10 months*, Spotify, Amazon, and has received nation and international radio airplay.)

Single: Bounz (Available on iTunes, Beatport, Spotify, Amazon) The DJ Hero remix can be found on Hype Machine and can be heard on few Clear Channel Radio stations in Texas.

Single: Bright Lights



Picture yourself as a young MC in the city of Austin, TX, a town known for its contribution to rock and country music, but not necessarily hip-hop. From the outside looking in, hip-hop and dance music might be the furthest thing from your view, but from the inside you see that this is definitely not the case.

The capital of Texas is a mecca for youths looking for something new. Many flock here to immerse themselves into this musical nirvana after visiting major events like SXSW and the ACL Festival. One look around and you can see that this city is home to a wealth of progressive musicians and artists all trying to push the musical envelope.

J. Goods was born and raised in Austin, TX and embodies everything that is cool about this town of just under one million people, 999,000 of which are involved in music in some way. Unlike Houston and Dallas, Austin is not limited by any one sound, and J. Goods is not content to limit himself either.

A deft MC, who has been making music since the 6th grade when he started out as a percussionist in the school band, a position he stayed in throughout his school years, J. Goods sound combines real hip-hop lyricism with a party vibe and EDM beats, a new style of electronic dance music currently being popularized by artists like A-Trak, Diplo, Flosstradamus and Steve Aoki.

His breakout single, “Get Filthy” was produced by Austin’s own Shawn Dell and features legendary Dallas MC, and co-host of the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, Headkrack. It’s a real party anthem that is getting attention like no other single from Austin before it, in the streets and overseas in India of all places.

“This is crazy,” J. Goods is about to drop a bomb, “But MTV India and Axe Shower Gel teamed up to introduce Axe Shower Gel to India and they used ‘Get Filthy’ and built their whole campaign around my song. We dropped our video online and all of a sudden we started getting comments like ‘This is the Axe Shower Gel India Anthem!’ When we made the deal we had no idea that it would be that big over there.”

A little Googling and J. Goods and his folks at Action Figures Music, a company based in Austin and helmed by Shawn Dell, found a full length video, similar in style to the video they had dropped, promoting Axe Shower Gel and using his entire song, as opposed to just a simple snippet in a commercial.

Where all that will lead is still unknown, but the crew sees it as a blessing in disguise. The song has charted on Beatport and is moving good numbers on ITunes and Amazon. “The music industry is rewriting itself right now.” Goods says, “There’s a lot of room to play with right now. You can make your own rules and make it work with the internet and on all sorts of platforms.”

Its international presence doesn’t stop in India. Triple J Radio, one of the biggest stations in Australia has been playing it. With each play they see their numbers spike on ITunes. DJ’s from Germany, Russia, The Netherlands and the UK have been showing the song love and even sending in new remixes.

His new single “Bounz,” produced by Y2JJ follows the same party vibe, but is another example of J. Goods interest in experimenting with new sounds and breaking new ground. This past year he has also started working with Dubstep producer Crizzly, and has performed with him at huge events like Nocturnal Wonderland and Vitamin Water’s Disco Disco Disco with MSTRKRFT headlining.

“My goal right now is to blend hip-hop with EDM production.” Goods explains, “Guys like Shawn Dell and Y2JJ are working to develop this style with me. I love hip-hop but I don’t think like everybody else. I really want to experiment with other sounds and EDM and Trap are sounds that I think really fit me. Even Dubstep. And it’s such a new sound, its perfect for me. “

New sounds mixed with classic hip-hop MCing and super party rocking vibes is something that could really develop as a sound for Austin. It’s already working for J. Goods, and he won’t be stopping any time soon.

For more information go to www.officialjgoods.com