J. Greene & The Steady

J. Greene & The Steady

 Austin, Texas, USA

J. Greene & The Steady is a indie soul group based in Austin, TX. Coming from an impressive resume of Austin Chronicle Music Awards, including Top 3 Male Vocals, Top 3 Soul/RnB Bands, and features in Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, and Soul Train, the longtime friends and artists have been passionately taking their musical and performance chemistry on the road all over the country.


Jirod Greene, front-man of Austin,Texas-based Blues/Soul outlet J. Greene & The Steady, knew from an early age he was meant to be a singer. After countless talent competitions, church performances, and being heavily influenced by the R&B legends who provided the soundtrack of his childhood, Greene channeled living-room performances of Thriller into a lifelong musical career. Citing many of the greats, Greene states, My earliest influences were Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Boyz 2 Men, Jodeci, Otis Redding, James, Brown, John P. Kee, and of course Michael Jackson and Donnie Hathaway.

Joining a band didnt come into the cards until high school for Greene, who after growing up in small Lake Jackson, Texas, teamed up with former kindergarten classmate (and current J. Greene & The Steady guitarist) David Butler, to perform around Texas together until 2006. The two met keyboardist Dietrich Schmidt, a classmate of Butlers at The University of Texas, and decided to focus their musical direction on the natural soul of Greenes voice. The addition longtime friend Drew Waters on bass and finally Chris Munoz on drums rounded out the group in early 2014.

Coming from an impressive resume of Austin Chronicle Musical Awards, including Top 3 Male Vocals, Top 3 Soul/RnB Bands, and features in Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, and Soul Train, J. Greene & The Steady officially launched at SXSW 2014 as Official Showcasing Artists.

The group has been touring nationally and continues to pack out shows in their hometown of Austin, Texas. They also continue to develop a strong national and international following (over 400,000) through their innovative use of social media outlets such as Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, for which they were featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. Greenes ability to connect with audiences combined with the bands blend of R&B, Soul, and old school Rock-N-Roll creates a sound is reminiscent of the 70's with a modern day twist. Together, Greene (vocals), Dietrich Schmidt (keys), David Butler (guitar), Drew Walters (bass) & Chris Munoz (drums) bring a new flavor of soul to music lovers, young and old.



Written By: Jirod Greene - Suite 709


Holdin on but steady losin' ground.
People passin glances like they know me;
Paying me attention like they owe me.
They tryin to take away all these freedoms from my life.
Blurred lines, but I can see, they will not let me be.
This is a Shake Down.

Oh, this is a shake down brutha.
Hands in the air.
Hold it there.
This is a shake down, Mama.
Mind what I say I...
Come on babe...
This is a shake-down, shake-down,
Shake-down, shake-down...
This is a shake down baby,
Mind what I say...

Shook up but not broke down,
How they wanna try to take my peace?
Sho-Nuff, heavy stones might hurt
And bruise me,
Baby I'm a mountain not gon' move me.
Gonna turn it around,
Oh I can't let em dim my light.
I won't bend and I won't break,
No matter how hard you try to take,
This is a shake down.

Set List

-Dance All Night
-She Ain't Easy
-Miss You the Most
-Miss L
-Apples & Oranges
-The Way You Move
-Tonight is My Night
-She Don't Even Know
-Life Won't Let You Down
-I Like It