J. Greyson

J. Greyson

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

J. Greyson writes songs and composes music in a wide variety of styles. Across the spectrum, there is a common thread revealed in his tasteful melodies, jarring rhythms, and blending of tone colors. Debut 'Catharsis' blends electronic and epic; a forthcoming EP will explore the simple and acoustic.


J. Greyson resides in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a private guitar and piano instructor by day with more than 80 students. Years of classical piano lessons as a child gave way to jazz, rock guitar, bluegrass and other stylistic explorations. These have culminated in a drive to compose music in broad stylistic strokes -- for film and television, as well as for standalone recordings and performances.

Debut solo EP "Catharsis" (2012) brings together four ambitious compositions. Each track is densely layered and meticulously crafted, and they combine into an exploration of the many corners of human emotion. Electronic beats fuse with epic, sweeping instrumentals and tender vocals. A forthcoming second EP will be all-acoustic and much simpler, as J. seeks to express the full breadth and depth of his creative scope in these opening works.


Catharsis (2012) (EP)