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Creative and fun also friendly with a love for the art and the industry. We are entertainers who are passionate.


Im JGT born to the world as "Joe Giles". I was born n raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia (757) to the Late Phyllis Giles (R.I.P.) and Joe Giles SR.. I been doing music since i was about seven years old. That young passion made me into the the Rapper, Songwritter, Engineer, i am now. Independently doing my thing with the creation of TragicMusik Ent. based in North Atlanta!!! We trying to do something that the people will feel and respect. Im just a 19 year old trying to do something positive in my city and with my life!!!! I get alot of love n i have collected alot of HATERS and i welcome them with open arms ya feel me cause hating only motivate me and make me feel like im doing something worth being hated on!!!! CONTACT INFO: EMAIL: JGTragic_Musik@yahoo.com Cell Phone : 757-401-6325

Set List

Set lengths depend on the venue and whats alowed.