Arklow, Leinster, IRL

Hi, I’m a songwriter musician & singer in the genre of folk/roots acoustic music. I am currently promoting the first song 'Once In A While' from my album ‘Times Past’. I am seeking TV, Radio and Paper interviews, reviews and airplay and I would be grateful for your input, advice or involvement.


My name is John Hogan; I'm a singer, songwriter and traditional Irish musician. I play tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar and sing. I’m from Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland. I've been playing music all my life. My Father who was a fine Musician started me off.
When I was about twelve I fell in love with Traditional Irish Music, joined CCE and started entering the Fleadhs. It was inevitable I suppose as I can trace Trad back five generations on my Fathers' side. I won county and Leinster titles from the age of thirteen to nineteen and gave up competing when I won the All-Ireland in 1981. I did the UK and USA tours with CCE in 1983.

I started playing in Folk Bands around that time and formed a band called The Jarveys with my good friend Noel Dunbar. After that I formed The Band Ború with my neighbour Tommy Breen. Ború turned out to be a long lasting one from 1986-1994 and even still to this day we get together for some enjoyable reunion gigs. More recently I play with a band called Cruinniú which is a trio of Brian Farrell, Pat Fitzpatrick and I. I love the music we do, a mixture of trad and songs from various sources, and enjoy the Gigs.

At about the age of fifteen I took up Guitar, Singing and Songwriting. I became very interested in that and went on to record some of my Songs with Ború. I am focusing more on my songwriting and personal instrumental playing at the moment and whatever develops from that will be under the heading of JH. So far it is my first solo album 'Time Past' which is set for release in late 2010/early2011. I am also working on an album of Banjo playing which I hope to record in 2011.


God Bless You She Said

Written By: John Hogan

God Bless You She Said
See the olden Milk Churn standing by the Farm Gate
On a peaceful country road
We must start heading homeward home before the night fall
Soon we’ll hear our Mother call
Start heading home it’s getting late your Supper’s on the Stove
It’s time for all good children to be asleep in bed
I’ll tuck you in and kiss your cheek and pray to God above
To keep you safe and from all harm God bless you she said
It’s getting near the end of near the end of April
Walking down that same Boreen (sp_Bothair-in)
The country’s full of Maybush full of Maybush yellow
Summer Sun and spring so green
We used to sit beside the sit beside the Haycocks
Rays of sunlight in our eyes
Now we sit and think and sit and think and wonder
It’s so funny how time flies

Once In A While

Written By: John J Hogan (JH)

Warm rays of Sunlight shine soft through my Window
And fall close beside me where once you did lie
It’s a quarter passed eleven one of those cold lazy mornings
As I snuggle up in bed where once you did too

Once in a while I feel lonely
Once in a while I feel blue
Once in a while I feel empty
And it’s always when I’m without you

I wish I could lie to you and say I don’t miss you
I’d look you in the eye too but you’d know it’s not true
I never felt lonely I never felt blue
I never felt empty when I was with you


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