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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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How many hats can 1 wear? Entertainer, entrepreneur, artist, father, felon, friend, hustler, and role model describe only a few of the hats worn by Jihad aka J. Hard. Each of these roles combined with an exorbitant amount of street swag, intelligence, and spiritual awareness illustrates an artist unparalleled to any artist living amongst us today. This artist is J. Hard.

His clever rhyme schemes and edgy lyrics that sometimes expose the ugly truths in the political arena in conjunction with his infinite love of hip hop and gangsta rap creates the magical sound and imagery felt by his listeners.

J Hard’s extensive curriculum vitae details his strong will and accomplishments. The formation of the world renowned group Playaz Circle, the development of a working class investment club, mixtape sales in excess of 20,000 copies and growing, construction of a production label from ground up, drafting 4 movie scripts, participating in the formation of Riverflow Entertainment and the Duffle Bag Boyz exhibits a minuscule display of his past and future endeavors. However, these accomplishments have not come easy.
Years have passed and fate relocates J and his family to College Park, Georgia. 15 year old J meets Dolla Boi, Jook, and Chi, all of whom share their love for music and desire for success. Chi (the mentor), Dolla Boi (a local hustler) and Jook (local producer) alongside J. Hard possess the traits and strengths that are essential for success. The group is now formed-Playaz Circle, is the acronym for their way of life, preparing legal assets for years, A-Z, beginning to end. The year progresses. J. Hard and Dolla Boi meet Tity Boi aka 2 Chains. Their friendship grows and Tity Boi becomes the newest addition to Playaz Circle. The young entrepreneurs see far beyond the obvious future of hustling in the streets of ATL. Their confidence overrides the obvious.

Their charisma is apparent with their rise in popularity. The 3 man team emerges into a group comprised of various artists and a host of neighborhood supporters. Playaz Circle has now evolved into a working class investment club. Neighborhood supporters and various artists contribute their talent and financial backing. With the support from others the group begins developing several business ventures, including a production label in search of a distribution deal. The dream is real for J, Dolla, and Tity Boi. The teens devour the exquisite taste of success, respect, and popularity their hard work is producing. The teens share this success with their older brothers.

The buzz is blaring throughout the city when the dream converges into what seems like a nightmare for J. Hard. Despite the rising success of the group, J is a product of the streets which lands him in prison on drugs, and weapons charges. From Zone 3 to College Park to Smith State Prison. The sights and sounds of his new home are as distinguishable as night and day from what he is used to. At least one thing stays the same, J. Hard’s drive for success. J. begins strengthening his mind with books on various subjects, educating himself. It is here where J. is influenced by the Quran and converts to Islam. It may seem as though his career has been put on hold but it’s really just beginning.

Beyond the bars, Playaz Circle is still thriving. Local radio personality Ludacris and Playaz Circle member Lil Fate merge and form DTP. Five years pass and J. Hard enters the world again. Sadly, as he returns Dolla Boi takes his place behind bars. Business and personal matters result in the separation of many members of Playaz Circle. Previously comprised of more than 9 members, it now consists of 2, J. Hard and Tity Boi.

The legacy continues. Tity Boi begins touring with Ludacris and DTP. The joinder results in the creation of Riverflow Entertainment. The correctional facility lives up to its name by transforming J. from an artist to both a skilled entrepreneur and artist. J launches his own label and a host of other businesses. The drive is now stronger than ever. The Riverflow brand is flourishing. Thousands of mixtapes are circulated locally from the Riverflow storefront in south Atlanta. Within the next two years, Dolla Boi is back in action. The trio now forms the Duffle Bag Boyz. The Duffle Bag Boyz has a momentum that can’t be stopped. Tity Boi and Dolla Boi pave the way to lead this unstoppable group to the next level.
For now, the J. Hard trilogy street album, Rilluminati, The 3 Day Theory - Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 will be plenty to keep your wheels turning. Stay tuned.

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