Who would’ve thought a young man like James Henry Jr Would Grow up to be the next big thing? Born June 14, 1985 to Proud Parents James Sr. & Velicia Henry of Shreveport, Louisiana.

James grew up listening to such idols as Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Marvin Gaye, The Whispers, The Commodores just to name a few. He started rapping at the age of 12. He later learned how to write his own songs and less than a few months forming a rap group with Long Term Friend Brandon Heath A.k.A B-Heazy.

While after learning how to rap he fuse the concept of rapping with singing and began to write, produce, and recording music!

In the spring of 2000 The Group Released Their 1st LP, “Livin’ Durrty” which included tracks of James singing. He Liked the Success of the Album and decided to switch over to R&B. Doubted by many “J-Hen” was out to prove them wrong. While focusing on the 2nd LP the group parted ways.. Since then J-Hen has been writing Music, and producing.

In 2007 J-Hen Began Recording His Debut “Solo” Album... In Febuary of 2007 He teamed up with Arkansas Label “Suthun Music Entertainment” for the help of his debut album the label has released his debut single “Why Do I Love” a ballad written by “J-Hen”. The single has impressed many across the 4 state regions and has heavy rotation in clubs, parties and more! J-Hen is Sure to take over the South.