http://youtube.com/watch?v=nyF5cU-5q7g This video shows it all. Jhene knows how to keep a crowd entertained.


Jhene (born Jhene Aiko Chilombo on March 16, 1988), is an American pop/R&b singer. She was formerly signed to T.U.G./Epic Records, home to Marques Houston and Omarion, but left due to delays with her debut album "My Name Is Jhene." She is the younger sister of R&b singer Mila J, and the cousin of former B2K member Lil' Fizz. She is of African-American, Japanese, and Native American heritage.

Jhene is the daughter of Tina Chilombo and Antonio Chilombo. She has four siblings: Miyoko (sister), Jamila (sister), Miyagi (brother) and Jahi (brother). Jhene's older sisters Jamila and Miyoko toured with Immature. This led to Jhene's first meeting with producer Chris Stokes when Jhene was five years old. Eventually Stokes heard her sing, and he promised her that he would work with her someday. Although Jhene can sing in the fifth octave, she doesn't have a five octave range. When B2K signed with Epic Records, Stokes suggested Jhene as a female solo singer and which led to her being signed as well. She served as the opening act for B2K and IMx on the Scream Tour 3.

As a promotional tool for Jhene, a few of her songs are featured on B2K releases. Tracks five through eight on B2K's B2K: The Remixes - Volume 1 were actually songs by Jhene. They were: "My Name Is Jhene" (Intro), "He Couldn't Kiss" (Album Version), "Gonna Love You Anyway" (snippet), and "Stuck Like This" (Snippet). "Santa Baby", a cover done by Jhene, was featured on B2K's Santa Hooked Me Up. On Pandemonium!, she was featured as a guest vocalist on the song "Tease", and her song "Dog" appeared as a bonus track. Possibly as a ploy to get fans to listen to this song all the way though, a B2K bonus song "What U Get" can be heard immediately after "Dog" on the same track. The full version of "Stuck Like This" can be heard as the final track on The Remixes - Volume 2.
Jhene appears in numerous music videos including O'Ryan's debut video, "Take It Slow", B2K's debut video "Uh Huh", Play's "M.AS.T.E.R (Part 2)" featuring Lil Fizz video and Morgan Smith's 2004 video Blow Ya Whistle. Jhene's songs are also featured on the soundtracks of Barbershop, The Master of Disguise, You Got Served, The Proud Family and Byou.

Although Jhene is no longer signed to Epic, she is currently back in the studio recording and writing songs for an upcoming album, she has a wonderful management team, and support group, and is currently in negotiation with several record labels to relaunch her solo career this year. She is working with Millionheir Entertainment to make her dreams come true. To book Jhene in a city near you, please contact us via email: millionheirenterprises@gmail.com or call 818.742.8615




2003 "No L.O.V.E." Album- My Name Is Jhene

Featured Jhene Songs

2002 "My Name Is Jhene (Intro)" B2K: The Remixes - Volume 1 B2K
"He Couldn't Kiss" (Album Version)
"Gonne Love You Anyway" (snippet)
"Stuck Like This" (Snippet)
"Cherry Pie" The Master of Disguise Soundtrack Various Artists
"Sneaky" Barbershop Soundtrack
"Santa Baby" Santa Hooked Me Up B2K
"Dog" Pandemonium!

2003 "Stuck Like This" The Remixes - Volume 2
"De Ja Vu" Kids Choice Awards 2003 - Volume 4 Various Artists
2004 "Happy" You Got Served
2005 "Right Here" The Proud Family Soundtrack
2006 "How It's Done" Byou

Set List

Jhene will perform 5-7 5 minute songs when doing a stage performance. We normally let the fans chose the songs, if they don't chose the songs we have provided the songs attached to the EPK in which she will sing.