Jovan's music is different, similar, rugged, raw, unpolished, polished, and literally all over the place. I can't be tied down to any genre or style. Whatever I want I try not because style or trends dictate just because that's the way I make music. I am influenced by everything


I hear music in my sleep. These powerful words completely capture Jovan's sound. He creates the music of dreams. His reinterpretation of music that brought joy to masses not only pays respect to some of the industries greats, but introduces fans of Hip Hop and R&B to an innovative sound.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Jovan Wright, began his musical training as a young boy, and was a virtually self taught musician. The saxophone was his instrument of choice, giving him the freedom to play and explore the mysterious sound of jazz and the funk of bands like Earth Wind and Fire and the Isley Brothers. Though Hip Hop could not be found on his play list it was only a matter of time before the gritty, raw sound of The Wu-Tang Clan grabbed his ear. Jovan became a fan of Hip Hop and in time he would grow to become one of its contributors.

It took many years for him to find an outlet for his musical talents. Though he had no desire to pursue a musical performance career, his love for music was not swayed. His calling and an outlet for his talent did not become clear until he began attending college. While it took a few majors before finding his niche, nothing was lost from exploring other avenues. He has managed to use his study of philosophy and film to influence his ability to dissect and reinvent music. Literally getting into the mind of the composer, capturing the original essence of the song has mad his work a true creative journey.

As an Audio Engineer at San Francisco State University, Jovan was able to focus his musical ability in a specific way. Since then he has produced albums for bay area talents Stubborn Lights and has been featured on radio stations in the Bay Area and North Carolina. He is currently working on his debut solo projects, Stay Fresh and Right Engle's The Planet of Junior Brown. These works promise to be an unforgettable experience. It will take listeners back to the days when music was deeper than the bling and bigger than hype. Jovan has gone beyond the surface to find the soul of Hip Hop.

He has spent years maturing his sound and continues to evolve. And this evolution can be heard and felt in every track he constructs. For he is an artist, a producer, a hit maker, and forever a fan of good music.


Right Engle's- Stay Fresh
Right Engle's The Planet of Junior Brown
Stubborn Lights-New Terms