Orlando, Florida, USA
BandHip HopReggae

My sound and style is very different from today's artist.I embrace every beat that's presented to me as if my life depended on it.I'm very versatile with my music.I write all types of music rap,hip-hop,reggae,rock&roll,r&b and freestyle music. And thats why Im getting 1,800 plays a day on myspace


J-High.Born and raised in Orlando,Fla.I started writing music in 2002 but I didn't get serious about it until 2005. I hooked up with some neighborhood friends and we formed a group called the "Belly Boyz".
The group had at the time at least 10 members.We started a movement in our area of Orlando (Pine Hills) that started a street buzz.Over the course of time the group lost members.
We were down to just two member myself and Hate Dawg.We only made one mixtape and we ended up falling out and that was that.I went on as a solo artist producing my own music and put together my first solo mixtape entitled "Yall Know High".
I met Chuck Dee shortly after and continued producing music with him and he took the place of Hate Dawg and it was once again Belly Boyz.I got the name J-High from the neighborhood.Everybody called me J for short because of my first name(Jahmel).I added the "High" because I smoked weed everyday, all day running the street chasing money and my dreams which also landed me in prison.
Although I cut back on my habit I still remain J-High until the buss out.All my music comes from my life experience, growing up with four other siblings and a hard working mother,hustling,grinding,running the streets,going to prison ect.
I'm very real with my music.My life story is different from the next man.What makes me so unique, is my deliverance.My ability to flow on a beat so gracefully,bold and cocky.


1."Eat with me or Beef with me" 2006 mixtape
2."Yall Know High" 2007 mixtape
3."My block pumpin" 2007 single
4."Florida boy connection" 2007/08 mixtape
5."Digital Dope" 2008/09 mixtape
6."Class Clown" (upcoming album)

Set List

1.High Again
2.Sweet Lick
3.Picture Me
4.Dope boy money
5.Out Here Grinding
6.They Know now
7.Just Living my Life
8.Dream Chaser
9.Don't stress
10.Cashin In
11.What they know about "High"

(I will do a whole album if that's what the crowd wants.)