j hood

j hood

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My music genre is urban/hip-hop/electronic fusion with a twist. My music is exciting and can be referrred to as a party starter because it not only engages the audience, but it also makes them move to my beats & rhythm.


I have been in the rap game for a long time now…..going back seven years(7), but it all became official with proper song writing and studio visiting like 3yrs ago. Since then, its been constant writing and hustling for dough to pay for studio time and all…… I got a couple of mates whom I used to rap with but they wasn’t been as serious and I had to kick them to the curb and doing my solo thang since then. The crew is Big Dawg playaz and it comprises of me (jay hood, skillz and boy banks) and our influences includes real rap hustlers like 50cent and the whole G unit crew, jayz, nas, 2 pac, biggie smalls, Eazie e, the game, dre etc….. they are a lot of them and not enough space.

Personally I feel and know that I suit the music I am in because hip-hop/urban is what I do, it is what am about, its what I feel on a more deeper level and understanding plus its got a lot of promises too. Its my THANG.
I am serious, dedicated and hard working, and I have been doing and have got
gigs and festival experiences, I
am always trying to get to the studio as much as I can, I got a whole gang of
materials, and my music I try to
keep exciting and jumping.


My track go go gurl has been used on 'SKINS' a national show. And i have got songs like sexc sexc, glow stick and durrty pictures, which not only shows my ability to make my hip-hop material with a twist, but also can and does have radio airplay capability.