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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Soul Brother Show 2.35"

We also welcome our very special guest Johnnie Heartbreak & the Radical Legs, a band that is on the verge of doing BIG things and is sure to rock out for many years to come! As always sit back, relax, and enjoy! - The Soul Brother Show

"INTRODUCING JOHNNIE HEARTBREAK AND THE RADICAL LEGS Posted by Afro-Punk on July 6, 2012 at 10:28am"

If the demo for 'Shotgun' is any indication, we should be in for some kick-ass tunes when they're done recording their project. Rocking and rolling with a dash of hip-hop. "Urban rock", as they put it. The vocals go back and forth between smooth sensuality and defiant fierceness. You can say you heard them here first - AfroPunk.com


JHRL's debut EP is in near completion with a release scheduled for fall of 2012.



Johnnie Heartbreak & The Radical Legs (JHRL) is a Los Angeles based Urban Rock band whose sound has been best described as “a familiar sound that you’ve never heard before”. JHRL’s genre-shattering sound is an open marriage between rock and hip-hop, with elements of soul, and funk often working their way in the mix. This fusion creates as unmistakable energy that cannot be defined, but must experienced.

The group was formed by female lead-vocalist Johnnie Heartbreak, rapper/guitarist The Radical Legs, and guitarist/producer JT aka “Sensei”. The trio teamed up initially in 2010 in an attempt to explore new sounds and musical depths and soon discovered that they had a rare synergy that could not be ignored.

From Hustle On, the dark, bass-driven anthem for a generation of non-conformists, to Blow, the unapologetically suggestive hip-hop head-banger that promises to “take it's time” and “blow your mind”, JHRL will stimulate your senses, open your mind, and leave you wanting more.

"Our music is born from the legacy of rebellion that inspired the founders of America's only true art form. We have a wide range of influences that include artist like Amy Winehouse, Dead Prez, Bob Marley, Thelonius Monk, Marilyn Manson and Ozzy Osbourne."