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My music is from the heart and about my life. It's "beautiful realism."


Every since I was a kid I knew I was going be an entertainer, so for the past 3 years I have been working as hard as I can on my songwriting, acting and perfoming. My family's religion doesn't approve of what I'm doing so I am now an outsider and a loner. I can't stop doing music and following my dreams, even though it breaks my heart that people who supposedly love me But it hurts me more to give up my dream and to not make beautiful music.


1999 - FSC"Free Style Crew" feat. J- Hubbs
2005 Knight Writers "Underground Fire"
2005 Knight Writers "Black Album"
2006 Knight Writers "Battling the Streets"
2006 Hook & J Hubbs "Free J Hubbs"

Set List

My sets vary from show to show; from a 3-minute song to a complete 4 hour block with 4 band breaks, DJ and MC.