JIBILIAN is a truly unique musical experience that will open your mind by blowing it!!! You will love it and beg for more, but all things must come to an end, so you will have to wait for the next show. You will "Dig The ZIG!!!" Care for a change of pace? You've found it!


JIBILIAN specializes in mind-blowing music (ZIG)that appeals to a wide range of audiences. A top-notch act, JIBILIAN is a first call artist that is consistently hired to open for some of the biggest names in music, like Bill Bruford's Earthworks, CAB (Dennis Chambers, Brian Auger, Tony MacAlpine, Bunny Brunel), The California Guitar Trio, Tony Levin Band, Darryl Steurmer (Genesis, Phill Collins), Alex Skolnick Trio, Ozric Tentacles, BUCKETHEAD, and John Novello Project.

JIBILIAN plays instrumental music that he calls "ZIG," a mix of Rock, Alternative, Fusion, Jam, World, but yet remaining very original and creating new sounds that most people say they've never heard of before.

Typical quotes from JIBILIAN fans:

"You totally blew my mind!!!"

"I haven't heard anything like that before!"

"Dude, you're like a cross between Eddie Van Halen and Les Claypool."

"Your music really moves me. It's so different than anything else!"

"When is your next show?" :)

"The cd doesn't do you justice. People have got to see you live."

JIBILIAN was featured in Progression Magazine for the Winter '03 edition, which is distributed in 49 countries.

Gary is also an Endorsing Artist for Euphonic Audio, makers of high-end bass equipment, and the company features the Artisit in some of their advertising, as well as inviting him to the NAMM Shows to play live at their booth.

Gary has performed at the 2003 Nashville NAMM Show as well as the 2004 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, as well as performing clubs gigs after the shows in various venues, wowing the crowds like nobody else can.

Gary's influences as a bassist: Geddy Lee, David Harbour, Billy Sheehan, Anthony Jackson, Steve Harris, Gene Simmons, Jaco, Sean Malone, Roger Patterson.

As a tapper: Sean Malone, Tony Levin, David Harbour, Trey Gunn.


2001, "Galaxy Rodeo," Brain Core Publishing, ASCAP.

2002, "Oasis Rock & Roots Compilation," Song Chosen: Galaxy Rodeo.

Set List

Can play up to two hours of material. Either 2 one hour sets, or one 1.1/4-1.5 set is usually best if we are the featured band. Pretty flexible with time slots.


The Absorbing Mirror
In Memory of Doris Oliver
The Disappearing One
Escape From Zulu Death March
Tango Tingo
Galaxy Rodeo
Meat Slicer
Body Clock
Slow Boat to China
Rat Race
A Dream of Reincarnation
Dark Ages


Tomorrow Never Knows (The Beatles)
Dear Prudence (The Beatles)
School Days (Stanley Clarke)
Nottingham Lace (Buckethead)