I have a genuine passion for music and I think it shows in my writing. I have a love for hip-hop and rock music and I write in both formats. I have a full time job in the computer field but everyday I go to work I get the feeling that I am in the wrong place. I belong to music.


My parents raised me right, Zeppelin and Run DMC.
I remember watching home videos of myself as a toddler, holding a wiffle ball bat as a microphone and grooving to Walk this Way. Throughout my life music has always gotten me through and it continues to inspire and push me. I like to write with a serious tone and I always try to get a point across. (more to be added)


Walk to War

Written By: JiDuB

Walkin’ out of the quiet place in my hollow shell
Chalkin’ up another one to this treacherous hell
Still hidin’ from the violent little demon’s that dwell
Inside of the silence, I think I’ve fallen under the spell

I’m goin’ to a place where I know I shouldn’t be
Starin’ at a certain face that I know I shouldn’t see
But if my mind told my legs to run they wouldn’t flea
I’d still be all alone, in this state I couldn’t free

As I wonder the reason for my present condition
My body moves in full stride to a newer position
I begin to hear a sound that raises my suspicion
That’s when I look down to see the blood and ammunition

And suddenly all of my senses are awoken
This place is a mess, seems like everything is broken
Hearin’ sounds of death, but not a single word is spoken
The taste is bearable, but the smell is provokin’

In a moment, my mind is flooded with memories
I see this man but can’t understand what he’s tellin’ me
There’s fire in his eyes, and he’s handin’ me weaponry
Screamin’ some bullshit about no mercy for enemies

Just like that I’m back in this supposed reality
Either it’s war or we’re just testing mortality
Visions of peace replaced by brutal mentality
Men turned to beast, without a trace of morality

So do I pull the trigger or do I drop the gun
We’re aiming for the fly but the spider is the one
Used us for its gain, all we became when it was done
Just another victim in the web that it has spun

First to Burn

Written By: JiDuB

Feel it now, the flame on your fingertips
Breath it down, and watch it all burn to bits
Ashes mark, the moment so you remember
The tragic spark, now you only see the ember
Stick around, there’s more in store for you
Take the sound, it’s what they offer you
Become a clone, or you will lose this war
Take me home, that’s all I’m waiting for

Cuz I can’t tell you how to overcome
If you still think that you’re the only one
And I don’t know why you haven’t learned
Those is the line of fire are first to burn

Break it, it’s taken its toll
Imprisoned by its control
So frustrated and hate filled
You die when the ink spills
Writing us all off, poetic genocide
But they should have known I wouldn’t hide
After all, they gave me this pride
And now we must realize
Potential that’s locked inside
Incinerating the ropes that bound
Contained and held us down
Restrained to hear the sound
The flame is progression now
So stand in its way if you need to be burned
Cuz you’re not a slave, this moment you earned
And just when they think that the fire has won
Out comes the phoenix that flies towards the sun

Cuz I can’t tell you how to overcome
If you still think that you’re the only one
And I don’t know why you haven’t learned
Those in the line of fire are first to burn


Written By: JiDuB

Something’s tellin’ me to run, and hide
All I ever want, has been denied
Over and over, again, but I
Struggle to remain the same inside

I got this feeling, deep down inside of me
It’s got me seeing, a different side of me
It’s taking over, I cannot stop it now
I tried to push it lower, it just comes back around

Who are you to judge, arrogance living in the flesh
Drag me through the mud, assume that I must be possessed
How else could one explain, my present state of pain
Outside no hint of change, but inside I’m not the same

Something in me tells me I need to run
But every time I try, I fall, and gravity has won
There’s something inside speaking to me
A whisper that I hardly hear
It begs for me to run away
Says that my end is near

I love the sound of apocalypse
Like a chaotic orchestral nightmare
The melody of fading lives screaming with no relation
To the collapse and the end is right there
It’s never been closer than the point that it has reached
And every time I speak I feel it pulling at my teeth
All of my bones are drawn into its spinning enigmatic center
We are too weathered to fight but too afraid to enter
We are all just a fragment, a piece that formed a whole
Now stuck inside disaster, how do you define control
I tried to run, I couldn’t hide, all that I want, shall be denied
It will not stop, this clouded end, this fucking animal inside

The one I tried to hide, the animal inside
The detrimental being that was born of all these lies
A beast too raw to ever tame, lacks not in presence only name
Call it what you will, to me it feels like pain