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Written By: Jill Walsh

I have questioned who I am
I have wondered where I fit
I have lived as though I'm behind someone held up on a throne , I have been lost ~ not knowing how to find home.

I know now that's just hype, it's just how this life has played
It has made me how I've been but not the person ~that I should be
There is so much more to me
For I too have all it takes, if you'd take the time to see
That believing in yourself is all the power ~that you really need.

I TOO am a voice I TOO have a dream
I TOO can make a difference and change the life of everything that surrounds me.
Not the one who was first, but the one who believes in the promise that lies deep ~ within all of us
Not just the one you think should lead us.

I TOO can make a choice I TOO am sometimes right
I TOO know how the world can slam a hard door, in the middle ~ of your darkest night
But there can also be light.

I TOO have the strength I TOO have the heart
I TOO have the sense to know wrong from right and do the best thing ~
I care about the little things

I can make life something
Watch me spread my wings


My Labor of Love

Written By: Jill Walsh

My Labor of Love
Written by Jill Walsh ~~ June 9, 2008

As she lie there looking down at her she knew no words to say
To match the joy she felt inside that cold December day
Her blue eyes shined so brightly and her smile filled her soul
The love she felt that moment when her fingers gripped her so
She wondered what she’d ever done to deserve a love so pure
The world to be a better place for this she now was sure
The broken pieces of her heart and mistakes she’d made before
Were now a distance memory, she felt the pain no more.

Oh God I am so frightened, she cried into the night; I’ve done so many wrongs in life I want to get this right! Please forgive the sins I’ve made and guide me from now on, and please oh Lord, oh please bless me and my child sweet, My Labor of Love

She stood across her bedside staring out the faded pane
In one corner of the weathered room leaned a worn and crooked cane
After years of gentle caring, giving back the love she’d known
The time had come to let her go to find the peace of home

Oh God I am so frightened, she cried into the night: I wanted more than anything to keep her by my side. I know I have to let her go and mend my broken heart, I pray you guide and love us both, take care, My Labor of Love.

As she stood inside the Kingdom, she knew no words to say
To match the joy she felt inside that bright and sunny day.
She wondered if she’d done enough to deserve to enter in
As she took God’s hand he said to her, I wash away all sin
You loved and cared for family, you served your fellow man
With every ounce of energy you’d try all you thought you can
Forgiving mistakes made often, respecting life across the land
With grace and understanding, knowing love’s the greatest plan

Oh God I was so frightened to come into the light, not knowing if I’d done enough or lived and got it right. God wrapped his arms around her, shed her fear and pain away, He said I sent my Son for you one cold December day. All that ask forgiveness I promise guidance from above, I give to you My Child sweet, My Greatest Labor of Love!