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de facto- 7 song EP
East Coast Bound- Full length CD, Release date TBA


Feeling a bit camera shy


The smooth blend of harmony and honesty are the core of Jill and Kate and the music that they create. With lyrics inspired by feelings brought about in life, complemented with the simplicity of an acoustic guitar, the pop rock duo stands out as the voice of youthful energy and timelessness in music.

Inspired by musicians like Sara McLachlan, Blues Traveler, Lisa Loeb, and admirers of current acts like John Mayer and Kelly Clarkson, it is inevitable to see the path that these dynamic musicians will be taking. Despite being in their early 20’s, the two have had their share of life experiences that many only encounter in a lifetime.

Jill is a native of New Hampshire and Kate hails from many locations throughout the world including Germany and South Africa. “I’ve been to school on three different continents,” Kate explains. “I’ve met and worked with numerous musicians, but things clicked musically with Jill.”

Jill Pickering and Kate Rapier met at the Contemporary Music Center on Martha’s Vineyard, an invitation-only artists’ colony that offers master classes in songwriting, recording and performing. During their three-month residency on the island, Jill and Kate were able to explore, grow and experiment both musically and personally.

“Jill and Kate formed when we started singing together for a class assignment,” Jill recalls. “The blend of our voices really worked. At that point we started working together as a band.”

The first name chosen for the group was de facto, meaning genuine and real. As soon as the group really started to take shape, they were unable to use the name because another band had already taken legal claim of it. Nevertheless, the definition had laid the foundation for their music and personality.

“We chose de facto because it meant genuine and real, both being characteristics that really drive us. We tried thinking of some other names but nothing other else fit," says Kate.

The two released their first album as de facto in April of 2003 on New England based indie label 450 Records in addition to completing their education at Boston’s Gordon College in May of 2004. After graduating, they toured across the nation in support of their album, hitting Boston, Chicago, Phoenix, Orange County and Los Angeles while playing Boston’s Charles Playhouse Lounge directly following the hit Broadway musical “The Blue Man Group,” The Roxy in Los Angeles and Anaheim’s Downtown Disney.

East Coast Bound is the duo’s next release, an album of eleven songs performed with a full band. A hidden track of just the two and an acoustic guitar is also included. Jill says the inspiration for the title track came after a long stretch of traveling across the country and finding themselves with some down time in Los Angeles.

"We were having a hard time in California and the song East Coast Bound is about missing home,” says Kate. “We met on Martha’s Vineyard and that song takes us back there. The island always seems like home to us."

East Coast Bound was recorded on the Vineyard, the perfect location to find inspiration and comfort in making the album. Their newest release adds to the collection of heartfelt confessions and expressions when facing reality threaded into the natural vocal harmonies of the band.

“There are just so many people that hide behind masks and we just want to be real,” Jill says. “We try to show truth through our music.”

Simplicity and honesty cannot be defined through a Latin phrase. The music can only be taken as it is. Jill and Kate are content with who they are. As the music industry continues to develop acts that are overstimulating and overproduced, Jill and Kate remain their genuine selves.

Kate adds, "Nothing is more genuine than our names.”

Management: Janelle Lopez 562.715.0871