Jill Banfield

Jill Banfield


A newcomer to the Christian music scene, Jill accidentally started her music career with her win at the YC Newfoundland songwriting competition in 2007. Less than a year later, she's released her first solo album of original tunes. She accompanies sweet, innocent vocals on the piano.


I love chocolate. I love sunny days and I think naps should be mandatory. I like peanut butter on and in everything, but nothing beats a good cup of coffee. Organization is my friend, as are early, early mornings! In my experience, running is addictive, as is Pilates. I can often be found in the kitchen trying out my newest recipe, or throwing together my favorites :) My deep dark secret is that I sleep with a nightlight and with music playing all night!! I'm short and stout, but unfortunately, I can't whistle like the little teapot! I'm an intercessor and I know I've been called to stand in the gap.
Though I've done my share of worship leading and singing alone at my piano, writing has never come easy – which is probably why it's so delicate for me. These songs grew after hysterical tears and raging anger subsided and Holy Spirit showed me what was really underneath...a desire that seemed unquenchable. But I've learned to embrace the yearning in my heart for the Eternal because the Divine plan is that I seek only perfect communion with the Almighty for as long as I live. My worship emerged in quiet time and began to flow through my journal and through my mouth. "Buried Treasure" is a glimpse of the journey!
I grew up in St. John's under the guidance of two fabulous parents who are far more tolerant of my brother and I than I give them credit for! The church that helped them out is St. John's Temple, which after 22 years is like extended family. I just finished my french degree from Memorial University and I'm currently transitioning between making lattes at Starbucks and being WestJet's newest flight attendant. I have no idea where I'm going in life, but Jesus does. I'll know soon enough. My earnest prayer for the journey is that my life would reflect David's description in Psalm 34:5 : « They looked to Him and were radiant. » (KJV)


Carry Me

Written By: Jill Banfield

Wider than the Heavens
Grace that covers every imperfection
Rich in love and mercy
Slow to anger, ever-faithful friend

Rescued from the rubble
Holding Your hand I’ve learned to walk through the fire
Feeble poor and useless
Now I stand firm

And when life rages, I know
Oh rock of the ages, You are sure

You carry me through with You
Shelter me in Your arms
The battlefield leaves no wounds
I’m under Your wings, unharmed
And I dance in freedom now
Because You bore the scars
Forever You’re true
You carry me through

Windy in the valley - I’m not swayed
‘Cause flesh and life rise up from dry bones at Your breath
Redeemer of what’s broken, breathe on me
Speak Your firey words into this dry and weary soul

So when life rages, I’ll know
The anchor that keeps me is secure

Light and Salvation
Whom shall I fear?

[based on Ezekiel 37 & Isaiah 43:1-3]


Single "Carry Me", August 2008
Album "Buried Treasure", October 2008

Set List

Love For Me
Kingdom Come
It's You
Tell Me
Carry Me
Hide and Seek