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Jillian LaDage

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band World Celtic


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"Outstanding Musical Program"

" The selections were beautifully presented and the variety made for a highly entertaining experience for all our patrons." Linda Mulford, Programming Specialist Arlington Heights Memorial Library - Arlington Heights Memorial Library

"A Celtic Christmas"

" Hauntingly beautiful." Ron Pauli, Programming Coordinator, Geneva Public Library - Geneva Public Library

"Des Moines IA Cityview"

This musical journey from the desert sands of medieval Turkey through the moors and legends of the ancient Celts finds Woodstock, Ill.-based Celtic musician Jillian LaDage successfully crossing musical borders that have existed for centuries. LaDage weaves a rich musical tapestry that includes her ethereal vocals and a variety of acoustic instruments including harp, piano, bodhran, table, hurdy gurdy, guitar, violin, cello and uillean pipes. From the haunting opening number "Procession," to the folklore inspired "Bonny Was the Lady (The Legend of Cong)," to the intricate instrumental "Manzikert," to the soothing closing ballad, "Endless Knot," "The Ancestry" features nine provocative songs that demonstrate the timelessness of Celtic, classical and Middle Eastern music when placed in the capable hands of a talented independent artist like LaDage. Let your imagination flow. - Cityview - Des Moines IA

"Celtic MP3's Music Magazine"

Oh dear. This is a lovely, lovely CD. Jillian LaDage’s voice is breathtaking and I really enjoyed the musical arrangements here. The opening track is dreamlike, setting the stage for a trip through a musical journey that is as interesting as it is pleasurable. I wasn’t really sure what to expect along the way, but it was full of nice surprises.

Exploration is one of the key factors this CD gives to the listener. We do indeed go on the ride with LaDage as she treats everyone to her vocals, as well as unique instrumentation. You’ll hear harp, piano, hurdy gurdy, guitar, bodhran, tabla, clarinet, viola, violin, cello and uillean pipes all making timely and well orchestrated appearances.

This is not music for its own sake. Indeed, LaDage was inspired by the history of the Celts, and she is very thoughtful about each and every track that appears on this album. It does not go unnoticed. Her liner notes educate those who care to learn about her musical journey, and it is a fascinating read. This is a deep soul who has managed to find her art and connect it to her passionate spirit. The fact that she is very talented is almost an extra here. Everything goes together beautifully–it’s like a great stew.

Catherine L. Tully - Celtic MP3's Music Magazine/Marc Gunn

"Naperville Sun"

"soothing Celtic sounds.."
Kathy Chicon, Naperville Sun - Naperville Sun


Illinois born singer/songwriter Jillian Ladage released her debut album with nine self crafted tracks on her own label Tarith Cote. She sings and plays piano, keyboards and harp and was accompanied by a bunch of gifted musicians. The musical journey starts in the 13th century with “Procession”, a sad air inspired by the history of an ancient abbey in Scotland. Craig Heilman plays the uilleann pipes and Todd Hammes percussion, while Ladage sings her sad air to the sound of the keyboard. Ladage’s love to the historical world leads us through ancient times, places and customs like on “Midsummer’s Night”, a rhythmic song with brilliant arrangement. The angelic voice sings to an orchestral line-up with keyboards, guitar, cello, violin, bass, hurdy gurdy, drums and bodhràn. “The black Woods” is a melancholic anthem, sung by Ladage with the soft accompaniment of the harp and the romantic ballad “Bonny was the Lady” starts off with Chris Wagoner’s beautiful violin playing and takes about ten minutes. Ladage also wrote two instrumental tracks; “Manzikert” (a place in Turkey) is dedicated to a historical battle and stands out with oriental rhythms and fine harp and violin playing and “Keltoi” (the Greek name for the Celts) is a solo performance on harp with just some percussive accompaniment. Corey Clunk adds some clarinet playing to the rich line-up on “Vanished Secrets” while Matt Rodgers on bass, Hammes on percussion and Mark Wyse on drums create an intoxicating rhythm. Mary Gaines plays the cello and Ladage keyboards and harp when she sings the sad ballad “Endless Knot” and Heilman finishes the CD with another air on the pipes. Jillian Ladage has recorded a beautiful debut album that will certainly introduce her to the world of New Age music. Her singing is hauntingly beautiful and the musical arrangement perfectly performed. Her music is more traditional than Enya, less folksy than Moya Brennan and reminds a little bit of Loreena McKennit.

By:Adolf 'gorhand' Goriup - Folk World - Germany

"Celtic Life Magazine"

Review by Michael Lohr

Walking in the footsteps of Loreena McKennitt would be a daunting task for most musicians to attempt, especially when attempting to form one’s own record label. But Jillian LaDage, with the creation of her label Tarith Cote and the release of her debut record, “The Ancestry,” she is well on her way.

“The Ancestry” is a Celtic and Middle Eastern tapestry woven in the dust of ancient Anatolia and Ireland. From the vibrant, dark melodic rapture of “The Black Woods” to the multi-textured instrumental strains of “Manzikert” this record is a splendid accomplishment. Each song is fused with the essence of ancient, evocative rhythms and provocative musical movements. Her backing musicians are the perfect accompaniment to assist her on this project. The most notable, is Mary Gaines, who played violin and cello for U2.

The haunting essence of loss immerses the listener in “Bonny Was The Lady,” while songs such as “Endless Knot,” “Keltoi” and “Vanished Secrets” hint at something deeper. The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo through the notes of these songs. It’s as if something is triggering primal memories deep within our being. Jillian calls this sailing through the temples of memory. And just like Loreena McKennitt, Jillian LaDage is the perfect musician to assist you on your journey. - Celtic Life Magazine Canada

"Concert Review Stage Left Cafe Woodstock Opera House"

"…Jillian LaDage and her musicians kept us listening right to the last note!" Keith Johnson Director of Off Square Music, Stage Left Café in Woodstock, Illinois. - Off Square Music

"Southwest Missouri Celtic Festival"

"…Jillian LaDage has a vocal style that reminds of Loreena McKennitt, but also has a very special quality of its own." Beau Buffington, Music Director for the Southwest Missouri Celtic Heritage Festival in Buffalo, Missouri. - Southwest Missouri Celtic Heritage Festival

"Tartan Telegraph"

Jillian LaDage’s debut album on the Tarith Cote music label was released in December of 2008 to appreciative audiences and a growing fan-base throughout the Midwest. As a self-produced and self-managed artist on her own music label, LaDage has done extensive touring at festivals throughout the American Midwest. The Ancestry is a sophisticated recording containing nine tracks of original songs and musical arrangements. With this recording,
she explores �the diverse influences and inspirations of folklore and threads of history crossing borders and centuries.�
In this sense, her music truly ties
into the threads of the cultural identity connecting the ancient Celts. The album features such instruments as hurdy-gurdy, uilleann pipes, cello, violin
and many others to accompany LaDage’s precise and evocative vocals and harp-playing. The result is a truly rich polyphonic soundscape.
- Tartan Telegraph SW Missouri


The Ancestry - (TARITH COTE)BMI 12/09/08



Honed in the creative fires that only a Scots/Irish heritage can provide, American singer, songwriter, harpist, pianist and record label mogul Jillian LaDage (pronounced la-Day-ge) is an artist firmly rooted in her muses. Equal parts Loreena McKennitt and Sarah McLachlan, Jillian has long since stepped out from anyone’s shadow to forge a singular World music voice. Having studied Celtic harp under the tutelage of renowned harpist Kim Robertson, Jillian has performed to enthusiastic crowds all over the world. She also studied modern vocal technique with Chicago's premiere vocal coach Randy Buescher, of Your True Voice Studio. For over ten years she wrote and recorded original compositions for various professional projects.

With her debut album, The Ancestry, a Celtic and Middle Eastern tapestry woven in the dust of ancient Anatolia, the Silk Road, Scotland and Ireland, Jillian’s music takes the listener on a melodic voyage around the globe and through the pages of the centuries. From the vibrant, dark melodic rapture of “The Black Woods” to the multi-textured instrumental strains of “Manzikert” this record is a splendid accomplishment. The haunting essence of loss immerses the listener in “Bonny Was The Lady,” while songs such as “Endless Knot,” “Keltoi” and “Vanished Secrets” hint at something deeper, something more profound. The whispers of legends and mysteries lost and awaiting discovery echo throughout the notes of these songs. Jillian’s music is fused with the essence of timeless, evocative rhythms and provocative musical movements.

Born in January 1980, on a rural Illinois dairy farm, Jillian LaDage grew up surrounded by the very same prairies her Scots/Irish ancestors settled when they immigrated to America nearly two centuries before. Immersed in music at an early age, Jillian quickly discovered her life’s calling. “I am uncertain whether I fell in love with music or if music fell in love with me. Being a dreamer, I began writing songs as a child and envisioning myself performing. I followed the paths available to me at the time and sang in local congregations and at celebrations. Pouring over books, I became enthralled with the music and the deep, wondrous legacy of the Celts during the Riverdance and Braveheart days of the mid 1990's. Drawn in by the rhythms and sounds, I became fascinated with uncovering the past and bridging the chasm to the present.”

Beyond the music, Jillian is a Celticist, Historian, Mythologist and Musicologist and has developed an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. From cooking, world religions and history to travel, nutrition, exotic foods and gardening, Jillian explores each topic with the same passion she puts into each and every performance.

In 2007, Jillian founded Tarith Cote, a private, one artist World- Celtic music-focused record label. With a singular goal of bringing Celtic music to as wide of an audience as possible, she is the driving force and vision behind Tarith Cote’s continued success. Tarith Cote has European distribution via the French folk and world beat label, Prikosnovenie ~ http://www.prikosnovenie.com/.

“To pass beyond, exchanging ordinary for gold. This is Tarith Cote.”

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