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Jillian Riscoe


Jillian Riscoe is a 18 yr old singer/songwriter who is ready to fuse styles of rock with catchy pop hooks and lyrics. Performing locally in venues since the beginning of elementary school; seating from 15 to 25,000...she is ready to take stages everywhere by storm. A singer, a songwriter, a star.




A household name? Soon enough. Jillian Riscoe is just 18 years old and is already well on her way to becoming someone unforgettable. A singer, a songwriter, a star.
Jillian, even at an early age was surrounded by a wide variety of music. She was automatically intrigued and that is when the singing really broke out. Family members took notice and wondered of what was to come.

Throughout school, she became involved with vocal music and the attraction rose. The singing became more serious and instead of just a hobby, it became something she wanted to be.

Then at age 10, after many live performances and showcases, Jillian got to work on her first CD. The finished product was named Jillian’s Melody (2000) and the 10 tracks were full of familiar songs, ranging from top 40 hits to Broadway classics. As she continued performing her performances included PAX TV Talent Hour, music halls and store grand openings. Jillian kept very busy as an 11-year-old vocalist.

At age 12, she headed back into the recording studio to record her first demo CD named Take II (2002) which consisted of 3 songs, one of which was Jillian’s first original song. All of this accomplished before reaching high school, Jillian was well on her way to the road she is now on today.

In just a short period of time, at age 14, Jillian performed her rendition of our country’s national anthem at many of Kansas City’s major sporting events, which included the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Wizards, the Kansas City T-Bones and the American Royal. After age 15, she continued performing in several showcases with a local talent agency and performed at Kansas City’s DCID annual Christmas luncheon.

At the beginning of 2006, Jillian released her second demo CD, The Jillian Riscoe Project (2006). This demo included 3 soul-filled original songs and a stunning rendition of Etta James’ classic "At Last".

She has performed the national anthem for local school sporting events and was also involved in the Gladstone, Missouri version of the American Idol competition at the annual Gladfest. Jillian performed and finished runner-up.

Jillian released her all-original EP, Near to There, (2007) on Tuesday, May 1st, 2007. Jillian wrote on all four rock/pop songs, collaborating with two members of the local band Fatfinger. She calls it "an eclectic mix of rock and pop with an alternative edge." Near to There contains songs filled with music and lyrics that are raw and real. Continuing, she adds, "It is different from what I’ve been singing…it has a live sound because of the band but still something you’d hope to hear on the radio. I want that connection with the lyrics, the music, all of it. For someone to say to me, ‘that got me’ in some way would be awesome." Then she adds with a smile, “a couple of Grammy’s, a world tour and a debut album gone platinum wouldn’t hurt either.”

Performing at the annual Liberty Fall Festival as the featured performer this past September 2007, this would be the third show in Liberty in a matter of several months, having performed also at the Liberty Heritage Festival and Farmer’s Market. Jillian was also a featured guest performer for the band Fatfinger at the annual Waterfest in Excelsior Springs, MO.

A wonderful review was published online, September 2007 by Bruce Von Stiers of BVSReviews.com for Jillian’s EP, Near to There, who wrote "you can come across immense talent by accident...her name? Jillian Riscoe."

Jillian showcased her CD and modeled for the Focus on Fashion event supporting Multiple Sclerosis in September 2007.

Being a featured performer on FOX 4 WDAF-TV Kansas City’s Morning Show in September 2007, Jillian was interviewed and was able to perform her original songs for all of Kansas City on live TV. As anchor Paul Herdtner from WDAF FOX 4 spoke during Jillian’s interview, he told Kansas City that ’Jillian Riscoe was not even a twinkle in her dad’s eye when the Beatle’s sang “she was just 17,” but if they were doing that song today, it might be about her because she really is “way beyond compare,” as the Beatle’s said many, many years ago.’

After having the featured spread which included a 3 page interview in Array KC Magazine’s Fall 2007 issue, Jillian took the front cover with collaborator of the Collisions and Crossroads EP, Patrick Woolam for the Winter 2007 issue. Inside featured a follow-up interview with both singer/songwriters.

Jillian may be a new member of the writer’s society ASCAP, but is not new to songwriting at all. Beginning at age 11, Jillian has written over 200 lyrics and has recorded over a dozen of them.

Awarded with being a FOX 4 Young Achiever, Phil Witt, senior anchor at FOX 4 WDAF-TV Kansas City quotes Jillian as, ”Not just another singer-songwriter. Not just another girl,” in his report of Jillian Riscoe’s ‘Reaching 4 Excellence’ segment, which was featured several


Collisions and Crossroads EP w/ Patrick Woolam, January 2008. (Age 18)

Near to There EP, May 2007. (Age 17)

The Jillian Riscoe Project EP, January 2006. (Age 16)

Take II EP, August 2002. (Age 12)

Jillian's Melody LP, April 2000. (Age 10)

Set List

Working on more original songs...performs originals and occasionally a cover song within her genres.