Jillian Yvette

Jillian Yvette


Operatic rock singer Jillian Yvette's music is a blend of synth, heavy guitar and soaring soundscapes.


Jillian Yvette is a daring and talented songwriter, musician and vocalist. Her songwriting portrays dark yet ambient soundscapes that take the listener on a far away journey. Her lyric soprano voice offers a beautiful deep tone with an exceptionally large range. The songs are inspired by her personal tribulations along with her fascination and studies of philosophy and opera. Upon her arrival to the stage, her bold presence is immediately noticed while her musicianship and training carries the performance to greatness. Jillian grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. She attended a music magnet school and tried out many different instruments including the violin, flute and piano. When she relocated to Los Angeles, California at age 11 she started taking voice lessons in the pop/ rock genre. In the following years she was the lead singer and co-writer of two rock bands. Together they performed in LA’s biggest clubs such as the Troubadour, The Key Club, and The Whiskey. When she reached the age to attend college she became a music major with a focus in opera vocal performance and choral studies. In college she greatly defined herself as a strong vocalist while performing with some of the most well known symphonies at the largest venues in southern California including the Rose and Hollywood bowls. Although her love for opera and classical music will never diminish, her passion for rock is what brought her to completing her first EP in the progressive rock genre. She plans to promote the EP by making a music video and ultimately touring.


Beautiful Escape EP