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"I Love This CD"

I love this CD!
author: Tom Chapman

Just as she does live, this CD blew me away! Great songs from the heart, excellent production and overall, just FANTASTIC! (enough said)

I have really enjoyed "The Builder"....of songs, and heart
author: Ian Charles (songwriter)

I have tried to put my thoughts and emotions into one place while listening to this disc. Jill has a way of taking the simple beauty of everyday life and bringing it to a new light of understanding. In her songs I find that love is defined and hope is a staple; That in the waking up to the day and living out the hours in "the moment" there is all of our individual obvious gifts laid out before us. We need more songs like these to live with, to laugh with, and to think about when the lights go out. Buy a copy yourself and enjoy Jill Sissel's - CD Baby

"Music Row Magazine"

Reviewer: Robert K. Oermann May 2002

Jill Sissel/ Love Knows No Distance
Writer: Jill Sissel/ Steve Bigler; Producer: Jill Sissel; Publisher: Hyland Lake Music, ASCAP
(615) 218 -2518

It's a little under produced, but the song has a cool hook and the wah-wah electric guitar behind her "dry" vocal is teasing and wonderfully ear catching.

- Music Row

"CD Review"

Jill Sissel is refreshing and her lyrics are inspiring
author: Michelle Shelhamer

Jill Sissel is just what music is missing today. Her CD is refreshing and her words inspiring. I cannot think of another artist I have heard recently who moved me the way her music does. I strongly suggest you buy this CD and see her perform. - CD Baby

"Love Knows No Distance CD Review"

author: Darvin Rhodes


- CD Baby

"Health and Wellness Magazine"

Author: Rob DeGraw

Ever seeking to explore and to challenge her own boundaries, Jill's 2003 release OUT OF NOWHERE, represents the epitome of all that is great about this truly gifted artist. ...a little soul, a little funk, and plenty of edgy hard-hitting rockers - positioned nicely beside upbeat message songs such as "Beauty," which features Jill Sissel on every instrument. The CD offers a great blend of Americana and acoustic roots-rock and extends the legacy of Jill's music for fans addicted to her relentless drive and her compassionate retreats. Newcomers to Jill's music, will add this disc to their "when life gets too heavy" first-aid kit, because it definitely has the power to heal.

"Out Of Nowhere" is a beautiful, blend of musical storytelling.
author: Jane Powell - Music Journalist

"Out Of Nowhere" the 2003 release and third CD from Jill Sissel is an upbeat and rainbow bright blending of rock/pop music. Sissel comments, "Out of Nowhere is the song that I never get tired of playing." Sissel fills the music with graceful instrumentation and lyrical butterflies that you would be hard pressed to find on most records today. She has a unique ability to transport the listener to another era; the Sixties when she does her song "Get It Together", mixing beautiful, melodic harmonies with her backup singer Melissa Lewis in this Korene Greenwood/Sissel co-write. Sissel is an excellent singer/songwriter and superb guitarist. I don’t use the term singer/songwriter lightly either. Sissel has a story to tell each and every time a song is played. Somewhat Sissel reminds us of Eva Cassidy in her abilities to sing any musical style she desired. Sissel brings all of her instrumental skills out of the bag with "Beauty" as she alone does all instrumentation. One of my favorite songs is "Magic World of 10" brings fond memories of the carefree days of childhood. "Out Of Nowhere" has variety and eclectic styling, taking us from one scenario to the next, changing the backdrop and setting with each song and the heartfelt exuberance that makes music simply good.

This is a CD you will be playing over and over again!
author: Patricia Martin editor: Health and Wellness Magazine

From the lively title cut "Out of Nowhere", the funky rhythms of "Get it Together", to the flowing and compelling lyrics of "Beauty", this CD is at once remarkable for its fine muscianship, its originality (all songs were written or co-written by Jill), and its soul. This is a CD you will be playing over and over again. Check it out!!

- Patricia Martin

"Music Reviews"

Re: Love Knows no Distance

"It's a little underproduced, but the song has a cool hook and the wah-wah electric guitar behind her "dry" vocal is teasing and wonderfully ear-catching. "

Robert K. Oermann - Music Row May 2002

"CD Love Knows No Distance"

" The ten songs on this CD were all co-written by this multi-talented artist.
Sissel has a warm, sexy voice and sets the tone of the album with the title song. She also gets to show off her guitar pickin' skills on every track as well as her other instrumental talents. Her "Soul Searchin" tune seems to be the theme threading its way thoughout the CD. There's a certain folksiness about it but with contemporary sounds. Backed by premier musicians, this latest Jill Sissel album is well worth the listen. For your copy log onto : www.jillsissel.com"

reviewer: Brad Fisher - Nashville Music Guide

"CD Reviews"

From the lively title cut "Out of Nowhere", the funky rhythms of "Get it Together", to the flowing and compelling lyrics in "Beauty", this CD is at once remarkable for its fine muisicanship, its originality, (all the songs were written or co-written by Jill), and its soul. This is a CD you will be playing over and over again. Check it out!

reviewer: Patricia Martin
editor - Helath and Wellness Dec.- Jan. 2004

"Showcase Review"

All eyes were on center stage as Jill Sissel performed tunes off her 3rd CD project OUT OF NOWHERE at the French Quarter on Aug. 21. This talented Salt Lake city artist, who persently resides in Music City, has created a buzz around Music City with her insightful lyrics, expert musicianship and a singing style that's best described as "Cheryl Crow meets Sara McLaoughlin". Her performance on Aug 21 ceratinly validates this buzz.
It's hard to categorize her music since influences interwoven thoughout her tunes include pop, folk, blues, rock and Latino. The best description is her tunes are "Americana" tunes that could cross over onto the pop charts. All the songs on the album are written or co-written by Sissel and the song themes are varied ranging from love to self-healing to the beauty of lilfe. This writer's favorite cut off the album is the rockish pop cut "Out of Nowhere" co-written with Irene Goodnight. Other writers on the album include Melissa Lewis, Korene Greenwood, and Paul Jackson.
Sissel also is an accomplished guitarist as demonstrated by her fingers literally dancing up and down the guitar's neck with melodic riffs and sophisticated chord changes. Also to the delight of the audience she showed her versatility as a musician playing the flute on one of her songs.
The album was co-produced by Joe Webber and recorded, mixed and mastered by Danny Ramsey. Joe commented, "Ive worked with Jill for over 15 years and have seen her develop into a premiere singer, songwriter and musicican. It's been a pleasure working with her both in the studio and live." The CD release showcase was a very enjoyable and memorable performance by one of Nashville's finest artists.

Event Clip by Dan Wakely - Nashville Music Guide - Sept. 2003

"Jill Sissel Sizzles!"

I met Jill Sissel for the first time a few weeks ago.  By happenstance, our paths crossed. I’m here to tell yuh— first impressions can be very misleading.  I was immediately taken with her seemingly mild-mannered approach to “the moments” of life.  She is, at least on the surface, a very sweet, friendly, approachable EZ-Goin’ kind of person.  And she’s very likeable!  I’ll go even farther and say, “She’s mighty hard not to like!”

But no one in this age of cyber sleuths can hide from the rest of the world for long.  Back home, and back clacking on my computer, I learned there was a much bigger story to tell in the life and times of Jill Sissel. The Jill Sissel I met is merely the tip of a “Titanic” iceberg.  She’s waaaay too humble to brag on herself so I’ll happily do the honors for her!  And I’ll only scratch the surface.
I Googled, “Jill Sissel!” WOW!   Six pages of info choices immediately slapped me in the face! She is an incredibly talented and prolific music machine!   She does it all.  I learned quickly (YouTube never lies) that Jill is an accomplished blues guitarist.  In addition, she leads her own band— not surprisingly— The Jill Sissel Band.
And the story gets bigger and better when you listen to her music.   I won’t bother trying to write a music review. Rather, I’ll get out of the way and let you hear for yourself.   This video is a great tune from one of six (6) CDs in the Jill Sissel music collection— the “Out of Nowhere” album.  And this is no song for sissies— Jill Sissel sizzles!   This is a solid sound!?
I asked Jill if, given an opportunity to use just one word to describe her brand of music, what word would she choose?   There was no hesitation… “Americana Country,” was her reply!   In fact, she responded so quickly it almost seemed like those two words were just one word!   But that’s Jill… a lot like Frank Sinatra— she does it HER WAY!  And who can argue with her musical methodology— it’s working.   Her career is on an up and up glide path and soon to be soaring!  And she’s promised me that I can be her “official” bus driver when the tours go nationwide.   That’s the best job offer I’ve had in my past six months of self-unemployment!  I’ll take it!  I’ll take it!

Management: The Lowry Group (Nashville) - Tim Ross


The Builder released in 1998
Love Knows No Distance released in 2001
Out of Nowhere released in 2003
Poderios released in 2004
The Paint Sisters 2006
Haunted Highway 2010



Jill Sissel is an extraordinary award winning woman, singer/songwriter, musician, engineer and producer of insightful Americana flavored music. Jill takes textures of sound and lyrics designing colorful palettes of music suited to all walks in life.

Jill has opened for major league acts including Dan Seals, Tracy Lawrence, JoDee Messina and Ty England. She has had successful recordings by Bam Davis, Irene Goodnight and Susan Jayne. Jill produced the theme for an independent film entitled Murphy’s Law and wrote another composition for the score as well.

Notably, Jill has achieved a nomination for Best Americana Song in the 2001 Just Plain Folks songwriting competition for Love Knows No Distance. Her second album and self-produced was also nominated for Best Americana Album. Jill was not a newcomer to the Just Plain Folks songwriting contest. The year 1999 lead to the breakout success of her acclaimed first album The Builder nominated in the category of Best Americana Album.

Out of Nowhere, Jill’s third CD is a masterpiece of musicianship highlighting her rich, vibrant voice. Beauty a track from this album features Jill on every instrument. She is a fluent musician on acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, flute and keyboards. Joe Webber co-producer with Sissel on this project comments, “I think she is one of the most talented singer/songwriters I’ve ever met or seen. Anyone that I’ve ever turned on to Jill’s music likes her.”

Jill’s 4th CD is her sole instrumental release entitled Poderios. A Spanish word for “special power” indicates a unique force in a specific natural location. It is holistic and its focus is on meditation and relaxation. Jill reflects, “I feel the strength of music to heal is the most important thing in life.” Poderios predominantly features Jill’s guitar skills and is expressed with a Southwestern ardor. A multi-talented individual she thrives on many different aspects of musical creativity.

Jill has appeared in Nashville’s well-known venue, the Bluebird Café for Chick Singer Night, as well as other local landmarks. She is a native of Utah. Jill became involved with music at age three, played the guitar since age eight, a professional musician at eighteen and devotes her entire life to her love of music.

“There is nothing more enriching to me than to sit with my guitar, playing a song on tape. As I’m recording it I hear a place for a flute part, or a another guitar part. It is almost like walking through a forest and then finding the path open up before you, even as you are walking.”

Simplicity and truth are the inner threads woven into all of Jill Sissel’s music.

Once you’ve heard her music, it will always be part of your life!

contact: www.JillSissel.com
bookings: 615-218-2518