jill whitmore

jill whitmore


Jill's voice and style is unique, with shades of Carly Simon, Carole King, Annie Lenox, Laura Nyro. From deeply soulful to angelic, her voice and music is full of heart and emotional honesty. She is currently promoting her debut album, "metamorphosis", enjoying a fabulous response from listeners


My personal influences include Bobby McFerrin, Beth Nielson Chapman, Loreena McKinnett, Laura Nyro, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sting, to name a few.
I think one of the things that sets me apart from other artists is my willingness to be myself on stage, and let my heart and soul be seen, heard, felt. When I'm on stage, regardless of the venue, that's all there is! I give my audience 1000%, because playing for people is what I love to do, and that is what my listeners deserve: my very best.
I was singing before I was talking, so the story goes. Born into a musical family, my mother would go play clubs at night, and the house was always filled with music. As an infant, mom was holding me one day, singing, and i mimiked her exactly (before I knew how to talk), so music runs deep in my veins. My sister, mother and I spent countless hours harmonizing to various tunes, and we performed as a trio whenever the opportunity presented itself. I was playing "concert level" concertos at age 7, and started playing the piano by ear around age 9 or 10. Singing and playing has always been the greatest love of my life.
Writing has also been something that has come naturally to me...having written my first songs in my teens. Over the past 10 years, I have been dedicated refining and re-refining my songwriting skills and the curve just continues. I cannot think of a more wonderful combination than putting words to music. It is a tremendous high, and one of the truest forms of expression available to me.
My new album, "metamorphosis", is full of fabulous musicians doing their magic; Kenny Edwards on acoustic guitar, Nina Gerber on acoustic and electric guitar, Vince Chafin on bass and percussion, Rob Hodges on cello, Bill Flores on pedal steel. It is a fabulous project and so much fun to create. My engineer was Robinson Eikenberry in Santa Barbara, CA., absolutely brilliant.
Vince Chafin is a fantastic musician, whom I am delighted to have play with me. He is a gifted bassist, guitarist, percussionist, and adds gorgeous dynamics to the sound and energy of playing live. He was playing electric fretless bass in jazz bands back in his 20's as a kid in Bakersfield, CA, and brings a world of experience and exposure as a musician to every gig.

I am also an abstract painter, and a glass artist, though music is my first love, and will always continue to be a great source of joy and inspiration to me, and to the folks who experience my music.
Thank you!
~Jill Whitmore


Livin' by the Wind

Written By: Jill Whitmore

I thought of you today, livin on the road again,
tell me what it's like livin by the wind
from what i know of you, you're a gifted man
and your music touched me to my soul again

may you know what you've been seekin, may your heart reveal the secrets it's keepin, may you have a peaceful place to rest...

when we met some time ago, this feelin came over me,
you reflected so strongly someone i wanted to be
now you inspire me like the sky at sundown and this love i feel for ya, well it just keeps comin' around, and around

May you know truth unencumbered, and peace within a dreamless slumber, may you know acceptance in a world that's often cold, may the comforts of the world surround you, may you draw the ones you love around you, may you know the brilliance of the flame inside your heart...
I thought of you today, livin' on the road.


Metahorphosis (CD)

Set List

We do a nice two hour set, with a 15 minute break in between...depending on what the venue wants. In a two hour set, i'll do about 4-6 cover tunes, and 17-19 originals. Shorter sets will be mostly my originals.
A typical two hour set list looks like this: So Far Away (Carole King), Bones (original), Let's Build a Day (original), Livin' by the Wind (original), Ocean (Johathan McCuen), Then You can Tell Me Goodbye (Eddie Arnold), Anything I know (original), Why (original), Home (Karla Bonoff), What if God (Joan Osborne), We All Need Eachother (original), Smile (original), Miracle Baby (original), Is it Time (original), Daddy's Song (orignal), Howlin' (original), I've got a man (original), Superman (original), Natural Woman, Billy-Jo (original), Away (original)