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Honolulu, HI | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Honolulu, HI | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop




"Ok You Right (Video Release)"

As Hip-Hop music continues to evolve at a surprisingly rapid pace, many artists find themselves struggling to adapt and either make do with what they know, or throw in the towel altogether and say "Fuck it." In this dog-eat-dog world that is the Rap race, there's no such thing as half measures. You either get down or lay down. Adaptation is now the new gold standard. While change can be an audacious and scary move, most artists usually benefit from it.

Hawaiʻi-born, Texas-reared producer-on-the-mic Jim Hurdle can certainly attest to this. While there is an incredible, unique underground scene brewing here in the islands — many Hawaiʻi artists find themselves struggling to break out into the mainland mainstream. There's a disconcerting disconnect from Hawaiʻi and the "outside world." Local radio support is deficient — damn near non-existent. Most local rappers rather occupy the small "backpacker" box they've been illiberally placed in. That's fine and all, but how does one expect to put Hawaiʻi on the map?

Luckily, Jim is proficient at maintaining a tactical balance, and may very well hold the key as Hawaiʻi's new breakout rapper. While not entirely new to the game, the name is definitely fresh to the denizens of the DopeHouse. Today, he makes his debut appearance at 2DopeBoyz with a visual for the bouncy "OK (You Right)" featuring Jerm and J Shiu. - 2DopeBoyz

"Infinity (Video Release)"

With new blood rising and older ones falling to the wayside, the state of Hawaiʻi has become a fertile breeding ground for untapped talent. Much like our Milk Way galaxy, each generational gap provides stellar evolution — where elder stars become supernovas and the interstellar nebulae gives rise to new stars. There's a constant flux of energy being transferred. The respected rap elders that have come before, now live vicariously through the new cream of the crop — while the latter will always revere those who came before them. After all, energy cannot be created or destroyed.

At the tail end of March, we introduced you to Hawaiʻi's latest rising star, Jim Hurdle, who made his DopeHouse debut, delivering a visual for his self-produced single, "OK You Right." The song made waves locally and abroad, and now, the Texas-born rapper is on the cusp of putting Hawaiʻi on the map permanently, with plans laid out to continue assaulting our eardrums until he's ready to deliver his final, finished project.

Whereas "OK You Right" unfurled as a more jovial, lighthearted affair — Hurdle's latest visual is the antithesis to the clichéd white sand beaches, syrupy alcoholic beverages and palm trees. In the monochromatic video — shot by Aloha Hype — Jim shows that there is a real dissimilitude between what the Travel Channel may show you, and what the real Hawaiʻi is like, especially when the Sun goes down.

With fellow local rapper Crnrboy by his side, the two emcees wax poetic about their respected neighborhoods, including Deuce4 aka 24 Block and the 44 block on the Windward side of Oʻahu, pulling back the curtains to reveal what the unkempt streets of downtown Honolulu look like when the freaks come out at night. It's a dark vignette designed to keep those unfamiliar with our state au courant with what really goes down — as well as a reminder of what Hawaiʻi truly is. This is the (new) place where stars are born (peace to MC Shan). - 2DopeBoyz

"Makiki (Video Release)"

As we edge closer to the release of Jim Hurdle's upcoming, as-yet-untitled album, the proud emcee from the 50th State continues to give outsiders, tourists and those who have never stepped foot into the real Hawaiʻi a chance to soak in the raw, powerful energy which makes our islands special and unique.

Although his past two visuals — "OK (You Right)" and "Infinity," (along with his latest, "Makiki") are profoundly contrasted in visual style — they all poignantly vibrate on the same plane, and serve to function as a reminder of how far-reaching and transcending Hip-Hop is.

In the cinéma vérité-styled visual for "Makiki" (shot and directed by Aloha Hype), Jim drives home the the old Rakim Allah maxim "It ain't where you from, it's where you at," noting the fact that although he was raised in Waiʻanae (the West Side of Oʻahu), his heart lies in the Honolulu neighborhood of Makiki. - 2DopeBoyz

"On The Record (Interview)"

You would be hard-pressed to find a local rapper who is having a better 2014 so far than Jim Hurdle.

In a little more than a month, the talented MC has opened for Danny Brown and Action Bronson, evidence he is off to a blazing start from a live performance standpoint.

“I could’ve been anything, yet I chose to pursue the hardest dream ever,” said Hurdle, who is originally from Texas but has lived in Hawaii for more than a decade. “11 years invested and I’m still doing it. After two years of doing something, it isn’t a hobby anymore. This is for real.

“Hawaii’s hip-hop scene is so amazing and I feel it doesn’t get the cred it truly deserves. I know I’m proud to say, ‘I am Jim Hurdle and I am Hawaii hip-hop.’”

There are rappers who make beats and beatmakers who try to rap, but you seldom find someone who excels at both the way Hurdle does. His aptitude is a culmination of tireless effort, risk and sacrifice.

While grind and talent have brought great results for the 30-year-old, he said early on he was a bit of a dreamer. At one point, he thought he would have a record deal by the age of 21.

“I’ve definitely progressed, but I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be,” said the artist and producer formerly known as Pro. “So now, I push more, hope for the best, but expect nothing. Keep my faith in my music and stay persistent.”

Breaking into Hawaii’s hip-hop scene proved to be a daunting task. While he wasn’t initially greeted with handshakes and shakas, today there isn’t an established local artist he hasn’t rocked with. While natural ability is one thing, Hurdle believes talent can only take a person so far and putting in the work is really the key to success.

“When people work with me, they get all of me, not half (of) me or lazy me, they get 200 percent, let’s win a Grammy and take over the world me,” he said. “You may not always hear my voice, but I guarantee you my music is getting around one way or another.”
Jim Hurdle, foreground, on stage at The Republik with DJ Tittahbyte. (Star-Advertiser File)

Jim Hurdle, foreground, on stage at The Republik with DJ Tittahbyte. (Star-Advertiser File)

Hurdle, who admitted to having a bit of a checkered past, said hip-hop literally saved him from going down the wrong path in life. There have been a fair share of sacrifices as well; the mere thought gets him choked up with emotion.

“I’ve lost connections with friends and family because I get so caught up in chasing this dream of mine,” he said. “Sleepless nights, long hours and endless days of trying to create something from nothing.

“All I know is I hope it brings me something at the end of it all, even if it’s just a smile on my face. Regret is something I would never feel for chasing something I love.”

The only things more important to Hurdle than music are his daughter and his friendships made in Hawaii, he said.

“My favorite thing about Hawaii hip-hop is who it has brought into my life. The people you mostly see me not only working with as far as music, but guys whom I consider my brothers and hang out with on a regular basis. They just so happen to be people chasing and pursuing (the) same dreams as me.”

A long list of projects are in store for Hurdle, including a solo album, “Southern Aloha 2,” and another collaborative project with DJ Anrky. He also has three other projects slated for completion this year. It’s apparent making music is his primary motivation.

“I just try to cover all my bases as best as I can to guarantee a future in this industry, whether it may be in the forefront of it all or even just being behind the scenes,” he said. “I know where I am headed.”

Hurdle will one of the featured artists at the return of “Hip-Hop @ The Trops” on Friday at Tropics Tap House; he’s also scheduled to perform at Downbeat Diner on March 1. - HonoluluPulse



Jim Hurdle Representing Honolulu, HI. Born In Oahu, HI & Raised In The Streets Of El Paso, TX "Deuce Fo"(24Block), This Young MC/Producer Definitely Is Here To Give The Game Growth And Definitely Make An Impact In The Hip-Hop Industry. With Nothing But Faith, Drive, And Determination, He Wont Stop Till He Is On Top. Jim Hurdle Formerly Known As "Tha PRO" & The 24BLOCK Team Is Anxiously On The Grind 24/7 To Bring To You And Yours Nothing Short Of Great Music, To Uplift, Inspire, And Most Definitely Get Down To. Mixing A Combination Of Hot Beats With Real Raw Lyrics, This Producer/MC Can't Be Denied. Jim Hurdle Is Definitely Not Someone You Want To Underestimate Or Overlook In This Game.

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