Jim Pelz and the Loser Angels
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Jim Pelz and the Loser Angels

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF | AFM

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Americana Country


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Releases"

" Jim Pelz, singer/guitarist for the great local Americana/Bluegrass crew Hickory Robot, is releasing his first solo album, the 13-track gem Loser Angels. The album is a great exhibition of Pelz’s ace songwriting talents and timeless sound, effortlessly moving from smoking Country Rock to sublime Roots/Americana balladry and beyond." - Mike Breen, Citybeat, 2/25/15 - Citybeat

"Extra Extra"

"Make no mistake: if you
are not Dead-friendly, it’s well
worth a trip down that road
to get to the almost stupefy-
ing acoustic picking Pelz lays
down. If that’s your thing, a
toe-tapper like 'Joni Linn' with
an electric solo from Forrest
Lee Jr. will hit the spot." - Rick Allen - Vintage Guitar Magazine, Sept. 2015

"Jim Pelz - Loser Angels"

"Seems few artists today actually walk the traditional roads of country music and make it sound like they belong there. Despite talent, voices and great musicianship many artists don’t have the “sound” necessary to visit the melodic and distinctly original retro country music that existed for decades.
Some may even say why revisit what has been done already? But, if they ask that question they miss the point of why that music was so creative and memorable to begin with.
The first track on the Jim Pelz album “Loser Angels,” takes a step out onto the tightrope of expressive old-fashion country music and because he knows how to infuse it with modern energy – he begins his album with a genuine winner: “Faded,” has all the alchemy of John Prine, Hank Williams, Roger Miller and Glen Campbell. His warm unique voice and stirring lyrics stabs the heart deeper than cupid. The fiery mandolin, and guitars are first class country. And this would reward you with a proper introduction to a fine artist. This is not Tex Ritter country, it's not Faron Young, George Jones or Hee Haw-type country. 
“I Can’t Hold On,” slows the pace and Jim’s excellent “Jordanaires” type backup vocalists lay down a haunting backup and injects some enticing mood-candy. With the addition of his superb female vocalist/fiddler Lauren Schloemer – just the right amount of emotion is added to Jim’s polished leather vocals. Nice piano and guitars are sprinkled throughout this fine country tale. Great late night listening and an old time conclusion.
The next track is a rollicking clever song “Joni Linn,” and it’s easy – once you learn the lyrics – to find yourself singing along. While Jim is not entirely a John Prine his approach will remind you of early Prine’s twist of phrases and fascinating lyrical spins. This is another country song that has classical sensibility written all over it. That male back-up vocalizing is refreshing – and it doesn’t “age” the song or even make it approach the possibility of being corny. It’s commercial only in its hook-heavy melody. Forrest Lee, Jr.’s guitar solo is chiseled with exuberance. I even enjoyed the great thudding early 60’s style drumming – it just leaves it all in a state of excitement.
However, the fourth track is masterful: “Homecoming” has a melody that’s an  instantaneous winner – the others are rubies and emeralds – this song is a diamond. Pelz has his finest vocal moments in this beautiful song supported by a sad, expressive and stirring Garin Webb saxophone. Saxophone in a country song? Yeah…ain’t that cool? Turn the volume up on this track.
This song is what I call a “Jim Pelz signature” song. A third Gordon Lightfoot, a third John Stewart and a third Marc Cohn. It’s brilliant. The lyrics are poignant and performed by musicians who obviously know how to put a song across, let it stew awhile and allow it to reflect in your memory." - John Appice

http://nodepression.com/album-review/jim-pelz-–-loser-angels - No Depression 5/16/15

"Jim Pelz - Loser Angels"

"Jim Pelz’s “Loser Angels” are pure manna from Heaven. Right from the first track the sound is so rich and dense. With these songs Jim Pelz sings the songs of the marginalized of the world. Throughout the album Jim Pelz’s voice and thoughtful lyrics take center stage. His band is phenomenally talented as well as they are able to add a wide a variety of textures into the mix.
“Faded” starts the album off on the right foot. The song’s instrumentally mellow vibe contrasts starkly with the dark narrative described by the lyrics. Dreamier in tone is “I Can’t Hold On” where the whole band displays its considerable chops. For “Homecoming” Jim Pelz and his band explore a late-night atmosphere replete with horns and a dusty organ. By far the highlight of the collection is the title track “Loser Angels”. With this piece Jim Pelz shows off the band’s natural knack for the slow burn. Stripping things down is the understated beauty of “Gone Again” as Jim Pelz takes his time reveling in the simple wonders of the quieter sound. Even the buildup is rather restrained. Reflective in nature is the somber tones of “Sand In The Machine”. Towards the end of the album comes yet another highlight the down and out sound of “Soul of a Song”.
Such soulful lyrics “Loser Angels” is the celebration of the underdog. These are songs dedicated to the downtrodden, the down and out, and they are damn impressive." - Skope Magazine

"Americana Review"

"The worldwide web can be a wonderful thing.  While Slowcity is a music, art and cultural site based in Durham Region, Ontario, our reach extends well beyond our country’s borders.  Such was the case when Jim Peltz, a musician based in Cincinnati, Ohio, approached Slowcity with his latest album Loser Angels.  Peltz is a member of Hickory Robot, a Bluegrass/Americana outfit based in the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky region, and they have released two albums to date.  Loser Angels is Peltz’s first solo album and it is a winning effort.
“Faded” kicks off the 13 track album with a nice mid-tempo beat that is a solid country song.  “I Can’t Hold On” is a well written song exploring the heartbreak a love that’s ended where the author is struggling to move on.  It’s another straight-ahead country song with the type of sound you won’t hear on mainstream country radio today.  “Joni Lynn” is a solid up-tempo number with a guitar riff that’s reminiscent of Vince Gill and his style of playing … think Vince Gill’s hit “Liza Jane”, and you’ll know what I mean.
One of the top tracks on the album is “Homecoming”, which features a really nice touch with the use of a saxophone.  Another really solid piece of writing on this track, telling the story of love reunited.  The inclusion of “Fiddlehead Fern” gives a nod to Peltz’s bluegrass origins.  “Soul of a Song” shows that Jim Peltz is equally adept at churning out a lovely ballad.  The inclusion of this track gives the album a really nice balance.  
Another wonderful twist to the album is a duet with fellow Hickory Robot bandmate Lauren Schloemer, “Sand in the Machine.”  The next track is a wonderful ode to one of my all-time heroes, Mr. George Jones, titled simply “Mr. Jones.”  Part tongue-in-cheek, part serious, but always full of love, it’s a great tribute to one of the most influential country music singers of this (or any) generation.  
Jim Peltz continues to perform with Hickory Robot.  They can be seen primarily in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area, with one of their key performances coming up on June 26 as they open up for the Tedeschi Trucks Band.  While Hickory Robot features Lauren primarily on lead vocals, “Loser Angel” is a great introduction of Jim Peltz as a singer-songwriter that can hold his own.  “Loser Angel” is a solid debut record featuring tremendous musicianship, first-rate song writing and solid vocals that will keep you hooked and won’t let you go until the last note is sung." - Jason Gartshore - Slowcity


Boston has always been a music city. It never got the kudos since one distinct sound or scene could be defined. Jim Pelz grew up in a Boston music environment, granting him access Rock’n’Roll, Soul, Folk, Jazz, and Blues. Jim packed his influences when he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, immersing himself in the city’s Americana scene. Loser Angels is the debut album from Jim Pelz. The stories find heroes in everyday characters, inspiration in daily lives and salvation in simple advice. “Soul of a Song” glides on smooth rhythms as clouds of organ swells and harmony fill the air while Jim finds future ties to the six strings he holds in his hand. Loser Angels gives its title track a steadfast motion as the story has a goal for being ‘heaven bound’. A country jangle brightens the air as “Faded” starts to lose its buzz, gives a nod to a ‘national treasure with “Mr. Jones”, and catches a fast breeze beat as dusk falls on “Blue Sky Park”. - Danny McCloskey

http://thealternateroot.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3313:otr-042915&catid=208:what-s-trending&Itemid=268 - The Alternate Root


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Jim Pelz and the Loser Angels take country to new places without losing their roots. Americana, alt.country - call it what you want - it's stories that unfold, melodies that linger, and a band that's smolders and burns. Based in Cincinnati OH, JP recall the best of 60s and 70s country and country-rock with original music that marries razor-sharp performances with lyrics that lift up the marginalized and down-trodden. If you're looking for the next essential band in alt.country, quit looking - you've found it.

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